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For Sale:
Trafalgar by Marley Hodgson Vintage 1" alligator strap/with 2 buckles (30") one a Brass & the second a Silver slide buckle

Will Ship To: USA

Great Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Louisiana Alligator Strap Free

Get 2 buckles-one brass engine turned slide buckle & one silver on brass engine turned slide buckle


A Vintage 1" alligator strap/2 buckle (30") from Marley Hodgson's Trafalgar Collection
Trafalgar by Marley Hodgson–The real deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This vintage strap is from one of the very first collections from Marley Hodgson's era of Trafalgar. Marley used only the highest grades of genuine wild Louisiana alligator. Hand made in USA.

This is a gently used 1" Louisiana alligator strap, waist size 30" (Measures 32 1/2" tip to tip)with an original gold on brass engine turned slide buckle & a silver engine turned slide buckle. Note the edge stitching indicating the highest standards of construction. Note also the size of the grain. This comes from the underside & it has small scales indicating the finest of the alligator skin (softest, more subtle, durable).

This strap is in "like new" condition & has been very well cared for over the years & worn only a few times. The belt has been treated over time to preserve the beauty of the skin. The belt is of one piece construction (no piecing) with no marks, splits, etc.
The color is a dark chestnut, which is not easily found today.

ONLY $75.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with two buckles & alligator strap
Best Offer

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