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Nice result, dcg.
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nice motion capture!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! I've been quite busy with design and haven't had much time for photos, but this was dinner smile.gif

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Thank you both. It was down to the 7D and the 1D mk III; while I wasn't able to compare the two side by side, I'm happy with the choice.

Focus wasn't perfect, but I think that was more user error than anything having to do with the camera. I found that many of the shots were somewhat back focused, and I suspect I need to pay more attention to focusing on her head, rather than just the center of her body. Often I found that the white patch on her chest was in focus, with the head/eyes too soft. Stopping down would have helped (it was plenty bright out), but this was the first time out with the new body and I was more interested in checking out the focus capabilities than capturing great images.

An example of back focus (and one of those images that I really wish was in focus):

And then this one is a bit front focused, but at that focal length/aperture/distance to subject (this isn't cropped at all), there's not much depth of field to work with:
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Interesting. Thanks.
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Rolling Slow into Belfountain. by Bill Smith1, on Flickr

West Credit River by Bill Smith1, on Flickr

Took my brother's (on loan from him) Hasselblad 500 CM out last weekend, used Ilford Delta 100 film and I love the results.
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Bill, I love that tonality that's seemingly only available on film (or very hacked digital cameras).
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Wonder if/when medium format digital equipment will get down to prosumer prices
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It already is. You can get a Mamiya ZD used for around 2000 - 2500 €. You can use the old manual focus lenses which are quite cheap.

The problem is more that it makes little sense for regular users like most of us. This one has 22 Megapixels and brings better pixel-level sharpness and tonality than the current Canon stuff. But you can't shoot above ISO 100 if you expect to use the result and it does bad at long exposures.

I think there is no benefit for prosumers in using digital medium format (why would a prosumer print in 8x6m billboards?). In the end it's just a sharper picture with higher dynamic and resolution. On the other hand you lose a lot of convenience.
For prosumers I see more the benefit of getting dirt cheap analog equipment, shooting film with all it's benefits (colors, grain, ...) and the getting a solid scanner like a V700. The one lucky shot once in a while you can get scanned in ~ 40 megapixel resolution quite cheap by a professional.
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Or get a Nikon D800E and some Zeiss lenses for medium-format equivalent resolution. You can scan film very well with an old DSLR too:
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I was gifted the Ilford Delta 100 along with about 30 rolls of Fuji Neopan Acros and other assorted medium format film rolls that been freezer stored for the past few years. The previous owner shot medium and large format and had one bad ass darkroom, now he just shoots with a Canon 5D MkII. Personally I already spend enough time front of the computer screen as it is. I find puttering around a darkroom relaxing. Even though photography is just a passion, I'm getting commissions, hopefully enough to buy the Hasselblad I was using (it belongs to my brother currently).
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Wonder if/when medium format digital equipment will get down to prosumer prices

Unfortunately no. It's a niche product for studios and really out there photography geeks.
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Hanging Bridge by Bill Smith1, on Flickr

Over the Dam by Bill Smith1, on Flickr

Two more from the same roll. it got pretty cold back on Sunday.
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^ Like the bridge one.
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A behind-the-scenes photo from a video shoot this weekend. Sony NEX-5N + Helios 44-2.

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