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Weekend in San Diego

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I'm visiting a friend who recently moved to San Diego over Columbus day weekend (actually an SF member). He's new there and lives with his girlfriend so hasn't had a chance to meet a lot of people or explore the place. Any of you who have traveled there recently or currently live there have ideas on places to check out? He's not much of a drinker but definitely still likes to go out at night. I've done a search which came up with some suggestions but they're from 2008.

*We are in our 20s
*Not stingy
*Varied tastes w/r/t nightlife - dive bars, lounges, clubs are ok with us. Hipster or chic are our preferences.
*Not really foodies but will probably like some suggestions for interesting places to eat. Whether laid back or trendy. Not stuffy but maybe good for people watching.
*Other stuff to do when not drinking at night? I know there's the zoo and the beach. I'm considering renting fishing gear. Or maybe we'll drive up to LA. Other ideas welcome.

Anyway I'll be there Friday night through Sunday so not a ton to cram into the weekend but just want a variety of ideas and we'll see what we end up going with.

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Searsucker is a good restaurant, very loud and bustling with good food. El Dorado lounge is a pretty happenin dive-like bar, for good cocktails I recommend Noble Experiment. Text them way in advance to make sure you get a res at the bar. If I was planning a night out this is what it would entail, dinner at Searsucker, drinks at Noble and dancing/drinks at El Dorado. They also have a pretty decent house music scene with something going on almost every night. As far as things to do when not drinking, no idea...
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Pacific Beach during the daytime.
Gaslamp at night.
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Ok it looks like my trip is finally happening now. Arrive Thursday evening and leave on Monday night. Any changes or updates to bars, restaurants, sights, neighborhoods to check out? Friend lives there and is coming up with ideas for parties but I"d like to have some things to consider as well.

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Can take a day trip down to mexico. Depending on where in San Diego you are, maybe 20-30 min to the border.

Nunu's is a pretty cool dive bar. I only been there once though. drinks were cheap and strong. The casbah's kinda cool too. was there only once for like an hour.

Pacific beach has a lot of 20's olds many from college UCSD/SDSU. drinks are kind of weak though. Other than that, Gaslamp as Xericx said.
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Day one of the trip, I have to say PAcific Beach is pretty cool. DIdn't spend much time on the actual beach but it's awesome. Had lunch at the Fish Shop which I recommend. Had a beer on the roof bar of PB Ale House which is recommended too. Headed to Craft and Commerce in downtown SD for drinks in a few hours. Went to a costume party at the SD Museum of Art last night which was awesome. Apparently they throw events fairly often so it's worth researching if someone wants a little culture on their trip here.

Will provide some more updates later since research on SD is sparse.
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