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The Official 5/3/1 Thread

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We've had a lot of talk about this routine in the Random Health & Exercise Thoughts thread.

Figured it had enough of a following to merit its own space.
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I endorse this. Been seeing solid gains not really eating all that great and doing this somewhat infrequently.
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Just started on the program - find it surprising that in the second week its just 3 sets of 3 reps. I guess you can always get a solid work out by increasing the assistance exercises but the 3*3 leaves me wanting to do more. I guess will need to be patient, there must be a reason he decided to reduce the reps.
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The last set is 3 OR MORE reps
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Ah right, forgot that minor detail. I guess I was referring more to the first two sets - they seem so quick.

What are people doing for assistance? To start with, I'm sticking with the ones he mentioned in the t-nation article.
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I started 5/3/1 this week, coming off of GSLP and Smolov (squats). I'm doing the BBB assistance routines. Will update with progress.
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I'm a huge fan of 5/3/1. It is my default lifting program. I've done 5x5, push pull routines, west coast barbell among many others. I always seem to go back to this routine and make my best gains on this routine. All my current PR's have been set on 5/3/1 as well. I usually run this routine for 3-4 full cycles. I found for me I always take what my max is on my last week and use that to calculate my new week. Unless I don't hit my goal that week (which has only happened once) in that case I would repeat. Also I think knowing your assistance work and recognizing your weaknesses is vital to this and every program and using assistance work to strengthen your core lifts. Also the rest weeks are vital as well. It seems like your not working in the gym but it is a much needed break for your body.
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Cross-post from random exercise thread, hopefully this gets more love over here:

Broke 160 lbs yesterday for the first time, up 20 - 25 pounds since I started the weight gain / gym regiment about two months ago.

Recently decided to start on 5/3/1. Does 5/3/1 work best as a four day a week program (ie hitting the gym every other day) or would I benefit from going through the cycles more frequently and/or adding cardio on rest days?
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Originally Posted by TrH View Post


Fair enough, I had pretty much given up hope after being buried under 3 pages of debate on carbs. Either way, this was probably the right place to put this originally. If you have any thoughts on the above, would be happy to hear them.
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have you even read the 5/3/1 book???
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

have you even read the 5/3/1 book???

No. I read a host of internet articles on 5/3/1, didnt seem like reading a 100 page book on the subject was necessary. I understand that it is based on either a three or a four day a week workout. My question is whether anyone has had experience either doing the waves more rapidly or adding cardio on off-days and whether this might be effective or detrimental to the routine. To put real parameters around this, I like to go to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday but it doesnt seem like Wendler would advocate successive workouts.
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edit: im being a smartass because your exact question is answered by wendler in the 5-3-1 book.
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post


Thank you for reminding me that asking a question on the internetz is only allowed if the answer has never been published in a book. I was hoping to avoid spending 90 minutes reading the book and to perhaps instead draw on the personal experience of those on this forum. I did not realize that would incite such backlash.......
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