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Hey sf. I'm located in LA, work in the id design industry, and fashion is a big part of my life. Let's work together, help each other and enjoy wearing things!

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Hi all,


New here and a law student, getting serious about looking professional for the first time in my life. Looking to probably buy some stuff, sell some other stuff, and soak up as much sartorial advice as I can over (probably very infrequent, as law school eats any and all free time you might have) visits during my remaining years in school.



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Hello all-

I'm obviously new to the site, looking for style tips and suggestions. I am really excited to see what the site has to offer.

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ello, ello guvs!....and a chip-chip cheerio!

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Hi everyone,

My name's Phillip and I run a menswear fashion blog

Decided to make an account on style forum to discuss fashion amongst my peers.

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Hi everyone,


I'm Joe Barker, I'm currently living in Tampa, Fl. I've been lately new to the whole fashion world. I'm very interested in denim and boots, I really like leather goods too. Before I joined, I browsed the forum and checked out denim threads as well as the threads for boots like Viberg, Wolverine, and Alden...


Like I said, I just got into the whole raw denim scene, I bought myself a pair of 1947 LVC and 3Sixteen SL-100x. I'm looking forward to see how they change and fade with time!

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I'm Mike, I'm in a small town outside Boston, MA.  I just started getting involved in men's fashion about 6 months ago, and it's been quite a ride.


Casual days I can be seen wearing Mossimo t-shirts, Dockers Alphas, and Clark's Desert Boots or LL Bean Katahdins.  Waiting on a pair of Gustin denim, too.


Business days I usually wear a OCBD with wool trousers, and one of a few pairs of Allen Edmonds (picked up that 2 for $250 back in March, and got a pair for $7 at the thrift store!)


I'm here to check out the marketplace, take constructive criticism on my outfits, and read some articles to broaden my horizons.  As you can see, so far it's pretty generic.

Good to be here, I hope to have some good conversations and some fun with all the members.

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Hello! My name is Vincent and I live in California's bay area. I am a high school student that has been into "dressing well" for about a year now and am enjoying it very much!  If you ever see me around, i'll be wearing loads of colours with a big smile on my face :D  I hope that i'll be able to learn more about style here from all you kind people and I wish the best of luck to you all! Have a nice day! :)        

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I'm Brian. I'm an attorney in Dallas and an avid reader of the site. I decided to join to meet and converse with like minded individuals, to-wit: those who dress well and enjoy the finer things in life.
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I'm John and I am a highschooler in a suburb of Dallas.

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Puffy in the house... I mostly lurk on watch and trading/investing forums.... I will try do a group shot of my collection, I'm mostly into Lobb's, C&J and Church's... but not adverse to the odd pair of Eccos.

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Hello guys. Nice forum you have here - I discovered it whilst researching shoes.


I'm a twenty-something guy from the UK. Would like to be more interested in classic fashion and shoes... but unfortunately I have no money as a result of being a postgrad student. Additionally, I put off buying clothes because I'm convinced I'll lose this beer gut sometime soon. ;)


Obsessive music collector. Whisky drinker. Poetry reader.

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Hi all!, I'm still just a high school student, that hasn't exactly started my wardrobe yet, as I don't have a job and I would like to read up a lot on this forum so I don't make a horrid mistake. Thanks for all your help from what I've already read

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Hello all,
Looking for specific style items, therefore I am here.
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I stumbled upon this forum while researching hand crafted shoes and was quite impressed by the wealth of knowledge offered by it's subscribers. I decided to subscribe myself after acknowledging the number of hours I had spent reading all of your posts. I'm addicted! I thank you all for all I've leaned.

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