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Tie wrinkles won't go away

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4 days ago I was at a party and I wore one of my ties with my suit. I wore it for about 9 hours and I used a tie clip. After I took it of, it had some wrinkles in the area where I tied the knot. So, I hung the tie in a tie hanger in my closet. The wrinkles are still there.

What should I do to get the wrinkles off?
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Silk tie? I am afraid some wrinkles are extremely difficult to remove.
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Steam it in your bathroom while you're taking your shower.
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Yes, it's a silk tie. I'm not a big fan of knit ties and I think polyester etc. is a big no-no for ties.
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After I wear a tie, I roll it up for 24 hours, then hang it. That should generally get rid of any wrinkles—assuming the tie is of a high quality silk. Cheaper silks tend not to bounce back.
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You could try the iron to get it out?
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This has been discussed ad nauseam on SF (just ferreted out 3-4 threads last week in SF's pinpoint-accurate search system that always gives you exactly what you want, hahhahaha...) and the grand majority of posters say: Steam. If not, retire the tie and move on. Don't iron, you'll ruin it b/c the folds are not like pants pleats, they are less crisp and ironing = flattening = ruining. If you like the tie a lot or it has sentimental value, send to Tiecrafters. (

I bought this really great Canali with really thick silk that is in the greatest orange-red-rusty-ish color; I have nothing like it. Savers, $2.99. It has 2-3 very annoying creases midway down that I just can't get out but they look bad and make the tie sit oddly when I'm wearing it. I'm getting the Rowenta pro steamer everyone raves about here anyway...hoping that fixes this tie situation. Good luck
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I hit over the wrinkled areas with a steamer. If needed, then lay down and smooth over those areas with my hand, then hang on a fat hanger to dry, for a couple hours. Then roll loosely for a day or two, flipping over after a few hours ( which seems to help put the fluffyness back in it ). Then it's off to the tie hanger. Work well on a good tie, not as well on some el- cheapo's I've aquired.

P.S. When the cheapo's I have, don't come out good, I either keep them for times I might go to an event that includes an open buffet ( pig out time ) -- or -- then they are only good for tieing your lady to the bed for something on the kinky side.
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Forget about the creases. You're going to tie the tie at the same point again and the creases won't be visible.
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so the one tie I had that needed some serious help, a Canali thick woven silk job, I couldn't get the wrinkles out despite the ideas posted here. Light ironing, heavy steaming...lots of long hanging...would not fix. Rethrifted.

The other tie with a couple weird creases at the point, a Bloomingdalies printed silk...good to go

Lesson: Bad wrinkles: Don't bother. Not so bad? take your shot.
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if you have a fabric steamer that works well, I have also heard that the steam from a show can help but I have never tried that before.
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If you are very careful and avoid the edges you can gently iron a tie at the correct heat setting.

Typically high end ties will have pure wool interlinings which will take care of most of your problems with wrinkling.

Rolling ties is a debatable subject as it does have the possibility of damaging tie tips - to be safe don't do it with a luxury tie.
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I have silk


The inside of the tie has a seam (and it is not even), and this creates creases at the font of the tie.


I have tried compression, rolling the tie up, but the problem remains.


The only thing that I can thing of is to insert a piece of card permanently so that the front of the tie rests on the card, rather than the seam.


Has anyone a better suggestion?



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