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Designer name question

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Well, I had my eye on this blazer at Barney's last time I was there, so I called up my salesmen Ray in Chicago and he shipped it to me. It is Navy cotton w/ white/silverish pinstripes and is perfect for jeans. It's casual, but can definately be spiced up. Anyway, I wanted to know who the designer is... There is nothing but a silver strip of cloth in the usual neck label area and the inside pocket area doesn't have a name, but a white tab w/ size/made in Italy tag. Even the tag and extra buttons weren't labeled. It was sitting over in the higher end Gucci casual line area... in btwn. the sportswear and suits at Barney's. He told me who the designer was on the phone and it sounded like a slurred "Misrety Missonitdi" hehe---i don't know? I love the jacket but want to know who makes it to keep an eye out for other pieces... I've never heard of the label before... Help- Pete
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I don't know if this will help you out but there are a few unknown designers in Italy that normally don't put their labels on the clothing that they design. They are: Luciano Soprani Sergio Tacchini Enrico Coveri RoccoBarocco GianMarco Venturi Lancetti Laura Biagiotti
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I think that might be Martin Margiela. He doesn't put labels in his clothes.
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You can always call him back and ask him to spell the name.
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I don't think that would be Margiela. Margiela usually has a simple, while label label with three rows of numbers 1-5,6-10,11-15, and 1 or two of the numbers circled. I've actually seen the same thing at Barney's and I know, or knew, the designer, but for some reason I can't think of the maker. I have the name Laura Bagliotti in my head right now, but I don't think that is it. Anyways...
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Margiela sounds like it may be the one... The inside pockets got the white label with circle. plain silver strip on inside collar area. Whoever it is, it's amazing. Pricy, but this is a staple in my wardrobe now. Is this quality stuff? Thanks for your help everyone, Pete
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If its a Margiela piece, you've probably got yourself a beauty. Martin Margiela is a deconstructionist associated with the so called Antwerp Six (which includes Dirk Bikkembergs and Ann Demeulemeester) that broke onto the London scene in the 80s. Margiela is know for his breakdown of classic pieces and their reconstruction. He has a great hand with materials.
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Thanks LA Guy- This is a deconstructed classic design... I love it. Is he a relatively small designer. Is his stuff made in Italy like my tag says? Best, Pete
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Like most European designers, (with the exception of some some French and English), Margiela pieces are generally made in Italy. I know its just a marketing ploy, since manufacturing technology is pretty similar in all countries, and differences are only evident in hand tailored garments, but I also prefer clothing made in Italy. Who says marketing isn't useful?
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Martin Margiela has been around for awhile and in addition to his own namesake line, he also designs the womenswear line for Hermes. He shows his collections in Paris and he's generally well-received. I think probably the reason why he's not as famous as a Prada or an Armani is because a lot of his clothes aren't that commercial and don't have a wide appeal. I know he has his own boutique in Tokyo and I believe one in Brussels too.
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