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Hey look, a post from someone with experience rather than ill-formed "opinions"! I stretched out to a bit above a 00g. I got some neat and well made designs from omericaorganic and loved them. If you AREN'T an idiot, you CAN go back without surgery. I was pierced at an 8g, and stretched SLOWLY and not by pushing the next size taper in, but by wrapping the jewelry that already fit with the tape used to better seal the threads on plumbing applcations. This tape is used as it doesnt use an adhesive, and thusly wont infect the shit out of your ear. I went form an 8g to a 00g in probably a year or a year and a half. One day i took my 00gs out as i'd decided i wasnt into it anymore. I went down like 3 sizes to something really loose fitting for the sake of not having gaping holes but allowing the ears to relax back down. Today my ears have sealed completely without any surgery. If i'm 100% honest it still looks like my ears are pierced, in the same way a typical 16g (tiny, standard) piercing looks when someone doesnt have their regular ear jewelry in.
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Are you in a band, living with five guys in a divey house in a shitty part of town?
Are you a graphic designer who likes to pretend you're an artist?
Are you a tattoo artist?

If you didn't answer yes to any of these questions, don't get plugs.
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