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Exercise and eat healthy. That's how you lose weight fast while looking good. Cut out alcohol and sugar. Eat: lean meats, whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits/veggies, berries, protein shakes, olive oil, flaxseeds, anything high in omega-3s or fiber.... oats are the world's most perfect food. Stay between 1700-2000 calories for weight loss.
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Originally Posted by Goblin
This has been a banner weekend for idiotic posts, but I declare the competition closed.

lol, i'm with goblin.
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sorry guys, i was more interested in ways people went about losing weight in a quick manner; or what methods they found to be most effective in a short time frame.
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I think a pound a week is great. If you lose weight too quicky your skin will get all lose and flap around. Not pretty!
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Don't go on a diet, just make better food choices. When you go on a diet you're making temporary changes until you reach a goal. To keep your weight off, you're going to need to make permanent changes for the better.

Hit up subway instead of McDonalds. Drink water instead of soda. Switch to skim. Go for a little bit less cream cheese on your morning bagel. If you're in the mood for something sweet, have a bowl of corn pops with skim milk; it'll fill you up for less than 200 calories. Try and work up a sweat a few times a week doing something fun.

I've lost 25 pounds since december doing this.
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Basically, do not go anorexic. It is painful and it wrecks you emotionally - your thoughts will be consumed with food, how much you ate, what you're going to eat. I tried going anorexic over the summer and actually succeeded at it, operating on like 600 calories a day. Besides from being drowsy and the constant headaches caused by my lack of nutrition, I became incredibly irritable. Yeah, I lost weight, but I gained all of it back once I began to eat normally again (which you eventually will, because no sane person can maintain themselves on such an extreme diet for so long).

This page has excellent information for those seeking to lose weight:
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It`s not really about how much you eat, it is what you eat.

Like mentioned by several others, you just have to change certain things in your diet. Eat less fat, less sugar, etc. If you really look close at each ingredient you are eating, you will be suprised how much sugar and fat you are consuming (even if you are trying to eat healthy).

In the past 3 months (actually slightly less) my wife has lost over 14 pounds and I have lost over 11 pounds just by changing what we eat. We were not pigs either, as my wife was 129lbs and I was 141lbs about 3 months ago.
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Don't know why this is always so complicated for people. It's as simple as doing two things in smart measure: diet & exercise. Several people have mentioned it and it's true, going on starvation diets can not only be dangerous, but your body's metabolism adjusts to this shut down and therefore tries to store more fat/carbs that you eat minimally because it needs more of them to survive. Tuerny1 had it right with his busy meal plan. You ask any body builder how they "stay in shape" and they'll tell you it's all about mini-meals. Small snacks several times a day keeps you satiated while keeping your metabolism going 24/7. Quit trying to fuck with nature, people. Let time run its course.
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not sure if people overlooked this.. but i do exercise. 5 miles a day on an inclining street course and sometimes 10+ on a saturday afternoon. Even the method of starving yourself with less than 500-600 calories a day can be quite effective (though i don't necessarily condone this - the first 3-5 days is the toughest). It's just a matter of slowly increasing your caloric intake over a month or whatever, so as to not gain all the weight back.
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the idea is to never stop the diet. Once you start it, you just continue. For the rest of your life.

That is actually not as bad as it sounds. The word "diet" does not mean you should starve yourself, even though that is what most people perceive as the only meaning of the word, reducing "diet" to "weight loss".

Deliberately starving yourself is necessary at the beginning, when you actually reduce your weight. Be careful during that period, however. Dont go too low on calories, mind the essential stuff (some fatty acids, proteins, vitamins) and try to avoid pushing your metabolism into an emergency mode. When in doubt, consult a medic. When not in doubt, make sure you know what you are doing - after all, when everybody gets nervous but one person stays cool it may as well be that this person has not yet grasped the whole situation

After reaching your desired weight you get to another aspect of "diet", i.e. control your eating habits. Maintain an intake of an appropriate amount of reasonably healthy food. It does not mean to eat less, it means to eat not(!) more than you actually need. This means: Change your eating habits. If you go back to your old habits you will re-gain your old weight. Just like you initially gained your overweight you are (again?) working so hard to get off.

McD, Burger K*ing etc are too high caloric to maintain any weight. Just get your priorities right. Eating there is OK if you think you really need it, and if you do it much less frequent than before. Try poultry (without the skin), lean beef, veggies, salad. Avoid pork, fat in any form (mind the essential fatty acids, though, since you need these), plain sugar and high caloric snacks. Avoid highly processed food in general.

Whatever you do, constantly control your weight so you can immedaitely counter any new weight gain.

If you like to do some no-nonsense reading on the topic try "Hackers Diet" from John Walker (for the IT guys among you, this is the man who developed AutoCAD). You will find it here:

Good luck. For beer-drinking, BBQ loving me it worked - and continues to work - unexpectedly well
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Contract cancer; it's a surefire method of weight loss (especially once you begin chemotherapy). Of course, this method usually takes years, so I suppose it's not quite what you're looking for. Otoh, taking up cocaine addiction is usually much faster -- nothing works better as an appetite suppressant than constantly thinking about the next fix. Seriously, though, eat more fruits and vegetables -- they're low in calories, very good for you and don't contain any saturated fats. The fiber will also help bind to the fats so that the it passes through your system (absorbing less of it). What works for me is to eat 1-2 pieces of fruit before a meal; it'll help fill you up so you eat less junk food. And you'll better, to boot. [edit] also, I second the idea of eating several small meals instead of a few large meals -- it helps keep your metabolism high (your body stores less fat because it thinks that caloric energy is always readily available). I used to work in a hospital dietary office, and they used the multiple small meals plan quite a bit for the more obese patients.
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Originally Posted by keflex
also, I second the idea of eating several small meals instead of a few large meals -- it helps keep your metabolism high (your body stores less fat because it thinks that caloric energy is always readily available). I used to work in a hospital dietary office, and they used the multiple small meals plan quite a bit for the more obese patients.

I'm a skeptic of the many-meals method. I agree in principle that eating the same quantity of food spread over many meals is better, but I think in pratice it is difficult to avoid net increasing your calorie intake by eating more meals.
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one to two pounds a week is good, solid progress. if you are eating right, minimal muscle loss will occur
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I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks just by cutting out carbs and refined sugars. Pretty much the South Beach Diet. I mostly drank water, drinks with aspartame are okay but I try to avoid them due to the taste if anything.

American food is loaded with sugars, even in things you'd least expect it (ketchup even!). It is really really hard to eat things without sugar. I would make sandwiches without the bread and eat lots of vegetables (no fruit for 2 weeks). Faux mashed potatoes made from cauliflower.

Not eating sugars for 2 weeks was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do physically. I was really surprised at how hard it was. For 4 or 5 days straight you start craving everything. Anyways, I went to a wedding just before the end of the second week and ate cake and drank a lot, I haven't gone back to the diet, but I can't say i have gained any weight back.
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Originally Posted by Geran
Now this may sound a little crazy but my girlfriend's an anorexic and she's about 1.70 metres tall, 40 kilograms. She's very thin and extremely cautious about her weight.

I'm not about saying that what she does is healthy or anything or I recommend you becoming an anorexic but there are a couple of good tips to learn from them when it comes to fast weight loss.

1. Drink 2 glasses of iced water BEFORE eating. This will make you fuller(thus eating less) and your body burns more calories to warm up the temperature in your stomach.

2. Diet pills: Try Xenical or Reductil or any product with Hoodia. Works like a charm.

3. Be conscious about your weight. Avoid Macdonalds, Wendys, Carl. Jrs... start checking out that organic farm product store or try Subway instead(they have calorie listings of their sandwiches, Veggie Delight is the lightest: 226 calories)

4. Eat only twice a day. No more than 500 calories.

5. If tempted to eat, then chew the food in your mouth, savour the taste; then SPIT IT OUT. This helps deal with the frustation from dieting and enjoy the food at the same time, without the weight gain.

6. Avoid CARBS. Its disgusting and piles up on your thighs. Avoid rice, pasta, bread, etc.

7. Clear your fridge of everything! Go shopping at a gourmet supermarket. Keeping expensive food in your fridge will make you more conscious about eating them, thus eating less.

8. Because of the vitamin-deficient diet tips mentioned above, remember to take 2 multi-vitamin pills 2 hours BEFORE the DIET pills.

Hope that helps.

As a clinician who works with men and women suffering from eating disorders, i'm very much offended by your post and think it should be erased by the admin. If this is what you want to do then do it, but do not post such nonsense as "recommendations" on how to lose weight.

I feel sorry for your girlfriend since she will probably never get the help she needs since you are her primary social support and thinks that what she is doing is ok. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and should be taken very seriously. If you care about this girl, get her some help before its too late.

"there are a couple of good tips to learn from them when it comes to fast weight loss."

As I reread your post I am still astounded by your stupidity, please, whatever you do, always use protection.

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