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Has anyone noticed how incredibly stylish Sergio Garcia has become?-And it is not just Sergio Garcia the professionals seem to all be stepping up their style. It makes golf more interesting

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Which photos are the stylish ones?
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It's funny.....when I was a kid back in the early-mid 60's, Doug Sanders wore some pretty wild stuff; coordinated shirts and slacks in purples and oranges and lime greens and pastel blues. What's even funnier is that he was considered to be a great dresser on Tour. I was under 10 years old, and even I thought those outfits looked downright hysterical.

Made the basic white shirt-ed, dark slack-ed (then) "Fat" Jack Nicklaus look downright dapper in my youthful eyes.
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Originally Posted by Artisan Fan
Which photos are the stylish ones?
looks like somebody from adidas dresses him up.
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The golfer seems to have his own style but doesn't appear to be much of a style icon.
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He's a bit too flashy...
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Sergio has certainly been taking more...um...risks with his wardrobe choices, but anyone that saw his yellow on yellow ensemble sunday at the british open would agree he hasn't quite gotten it right yet..

if you want someone who always is going to look good: Adam Scott
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