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Levi ambler

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Could anyone here tell me if the levi ambler in the color jealous dark is a solid wash or not? It says that the pant has shaping front in back. I am not that familiar with denim or its' terminology. What exactly is shaping? Is it the same as whiskers? I am preferable to a solid wash or color without whiskers, rips, or other novelties. Does the ambler in jealous dark fit this bill? Thank you if you could offer any information.
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It has mild sanding in the lap and the fabric behind the knees has permanent folds made to look like honeycombs. Here is a visual example. The lap on the Amblers is much more subtle than the ones in this auction. I think the ones in the auction are irregular. The amblers are very baggy by the way. http://cgi.ebay.com/LEVI-PREMIUM-Jea...QQcmdZViewItem
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they have a very relaxed fit and is very baggy.if you want an easy-going jean this is perfect.the thigh area is creased to have a folded look.regular waist and fitting
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Thanks for the responses. So this ambler jean does feature wrinkling and creases? What is a hoeycomb effect? Can anyone reccomend a loose fitting bootcut jean in a dark solid wash? Thank you
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You could always go with dry Nudie Regular Ralfs, an obvious choice (though not super loose).
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