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just got this, very functional:
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The build quality and feel is good on the Quirky?

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Quirky looks like it could be fairly functional.
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Thanks for sharing some of those look Great
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I'll bet Senior Member Holymadness can recommend a nice one from Valextra.
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So far: Ghey to the oy - although I quite like the Etsy one. I use the Incipio Feather - undock and go. Mind you, I'm not the zeitgeist-chasing wanker ignoramus who pulls the toy out at work, so I don't need a fully protective case. I was quite partial to the - also by Incipio - Destroyer Overkill. Pity they seem to have stopped development on it. Destroyer seems pretty solid though. Metro tastes may also be met here for reasonable cash:
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I have some IPAD Cases and Covers for sale check out my thread.
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Originally Posted by bkk View Post
If you're looking for a bit more color, check out Not my personal style, but its something else to look at.

Also, But +1 on the vaja's. Gorgeous.
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I have some ipad cases too
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What is the most functional?

Slim, with a stand, and actually can protect if dropped.
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I get a GGMM iPad 3 leather case with keyboard which makes all the other iPad 3 case brand suffers a eclipse with its delicate workmanship as well as keeping in line with Apple original fashion design,.....just show my iPad 3 case here....

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