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Tom james

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What has been your experience?
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No personal experience, although I believe that the same corporate parent owns both Tom James and Oxxford and that the top-of-the-line Tom James model is made by Oxxford. Not at all germane to this discussion, but amusing (I think) nonetheless: my former salesman at my favorite men's shop was employed in a previous life at Tom James. Ken Lay of Enron fame (or infamy) was a Tom James customer. One time when he picked up an order of about 4 suits, he had an Oh-my-God-what-was-I-thinking moment with one of them. He paid for it, of course, but didn't want it. He offered it to whomever wanted it at a very attractive price, and Scott bought it. He wore it as part of his regular rotation of suits for about two years until the Enron meltdown. He then sold it on eBay for $300. Not a bad deal, I think (although I never saw the suit).
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I've never ordered one but I've seen a lot of them on the racks of thrift stores and consignment stores. They have several levels of quality. Most of the stuff I've seen was somewhat crude - appx. between Southwick and Hickey Freeman in quality. I've heard told they have a top line that is made by Oxxford but I don't know for sure. BEWARE of ebay sellers that are selling every Tom James suit they come across as an Oxxford. Just because they are owned by the same company doesn't make them the same suit.
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According to the salesman who comes around my office from time-to-time, Tom James owns Holland & Sherry.
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Tom James owns Holland & Sherry.
That's interesting. I picked up a recently made Tom James jacket yesterday for really cheap ($9.99) because I liked the buttons and am going to use them on one of my sportcoats. I'm going to try and post some detail pictures of it when I return (end of next week.)
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I know it's is way over due as replies go but I work at Tom James and can hopefully enlighten.

Tom James is the main company name and under that names it owns Oxxford, used for when we do fully handmade, and Holland & Sherry, used through out a lot of our semi-bespoke (or custom) and all the way up to fully bespoke.

We also have built and run our own mill in Chile to go along with he mill that came with Holand & Sherry when we bought it.

Hope useful. Please let me know any other questions.
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