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Overcoat collar fit

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I've been wondering about the fit of an overcoat collar in relation to the suit underneath. I've always worn darker overcoats and most of my suits are darker, so I've never given it much thought, but I recently bought a camel colored canali and while it fits great everywhere (i.e. snug, not like a tent) i notice that my suit jacket is usually peeking out from underneath. i can pull the overcoat up over it, but it eventually rides down and doesn't really feel like as natural of a fit. in pretty much every photo i've found, a scarf is involved. unfortunately, i'm not much of a scarf guy. curious about whether folks think it's ok to have the darker suit jacket peeking out, the same as your shirt does under the suit jacket, or should i have my tailor try to make an adjustment. . .i had the sides taken in a bit the other day and he said it's fine, but looking for a second opinion. . .
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I don't like for my suit coat collar to show when I wear my overcoat. On the coats I have now, it doesn't show, but I've had many that did.
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^ Is it just coincidence for people to have the same exact avatar as someone else? I guess it's possible...
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It seems alright to me that your suit collar would show, just like, as you noted, your shirt collar shows.
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