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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

i dunno maybe its cuz im young but id much rather it be cold than hot for fashion purposes. its much more fun and creative to layer and stuff. especially in DC, its so damn hot all i can wear are shorts and a tshirt.
cold lets you wear all those nice clothes hanging in your closet smile.gif not like SNOWING cold but you know

+1, love the cold.
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Cool layering weather is also favored by designers. It makes sense. I think you will really enjoy Spring/Summer 13 . I need to make more shorts and bathing suits. I love to be in the water in the summer.
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I love cold weather too just that is impossible for singapore to be cold enough(every single day is like 30-34degrees celsius) to layer and stuff..

yea mauro you should make some shorts ! im finding for shorts at the moment hahaha
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blue camo shorts son!!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Shorts are suppose to be here by the 15th.

Pierce, aren't you suppose to be studying.
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Just stopped by WvG and picked up the Hooligan sweater. The sweater itself is really soft and the fit is spot on. Given the quality of the yarn, $275 is a steal.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

Shorts are suppose to be here by the 15th.
Pierce, aren't you suppose to be studying.

yes last school exam for the rest of my life on monday at 6pm smile.gif

3 hour exam though frown.gif

then the NY bar exam ffffuuuu.gif
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I don't know why you don't listen, pierce.
Final exam: the butler did it.
Bar exam: the butler didn't do it because of DNA evidence.
Boom, done. I just saved you 1500 on a prep course.
Also, mega-stoked for summer/fall drops. The predators and redemption will be top-kops
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$3500 for barbri prep ffffuuuu.gif
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yo rkd - why you so mad?
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people who pay for prep courses are pussies !
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at least you aren't writing bullshit like this:

In contrast to Freehling’s traditionalist view of the revolt, in a May 1964 article, “The Vesey Plot: A Reconsideration,” published in The Journal of Southern History, Richard C. Wade argued that there was no plot, and Vesey and the other thirty-four executed men were victims of white paranoia. In reality, “the “plot” was probably never more than loose talk by aggrieved and embittered men.” Wade supports this radical assertion in two different ways. First, Wade argues that the source most historians base their understanding of the plot on, the 1822 report titled An Official Report of the Trials of Sundry Negroes, written by Lionel H. Kennedy and Thomas Parker, is unreliable, and, when closely read, reveals how much difficulty the tribunal established to try those believed to have been involved in fermenting revolution had in actually uncovering any evidence. Although the report claims to accurately convey all testimony heard before the tribunal, the printed transcript “is at odds in both wording and substance with manuscript records of the witnesses.” For example, in the case of two slaves, Bacchus Hammett and John Enslow, whose original confession documents survive, several passages have been omitted from the Official Report. For Wade, this omission calls into question the reliability of the entire document, thereby casting doubt on the traditional narrative of Vesey’s supposed plan.
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kill me:

Wade also attacks the idea of a conspiracy on a second, more theoretical level, arguing that, beyond the evidence of the case, the idea that a group of educated, well-off urban slaves would plan a revolt is absurd. According to him,
the urban environment proved inhospitable to conspiracies because it provided a wider latitude to the slaves, a measure of independence within bondage, and some relief from the constant surveillance of the master. This comparative freedom deflected the discontent, leading Negroes to try to exploit their modest advantages rather than to organize for desperate measures.

Thus, not only is the idea of a well-organized revolt inconsistent with the historical record, it also flies in the face of historical common sense.
Wade ascribes the continued acceptance of the classic, incorrect, narrative of Vesey’s plot to historians’ personal ideological goals. For many scholars Vesey’s plot can be used within a broader thesis, either to provide evidence of the necessity of strict laws against slaves to protect white populations, or as an example of the unquenchable “urge for freedom” found in all human beings.
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i wouldnt' read it either, and i fucking wrote it.
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