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Rubinacci Label Question

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Browsing some thrift stores and came across an interesting looking sport jacket with a Rubinacci label and wondering what to make of it. I did a little research and saw a few different photos of Rubinacci labels floating around on the internet which I've posted below. Some of them say Mariano Rubinacci, others say Rubinacci Made in Italy. I'm assuming this Made in Italy label is an entirely different brand than the Neapolitan tailor often discussed here, is that correct? Or is this just a different line made for export, or what?

Thanks for the assistance.
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The Rubinacci RTW stuff is licensed and not made by Rubinacci itself. I think Belvest makes it to a rather high standard though.
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Thread resurrection alert!


I would be interested in this too.


By my reckoning there are three different label designs.


"Rubinacci Made in Italy", "Mariano Rubinacci" (both mentioned in the OP) and also "Rubinacci Napoli" (below).


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Do the labels denote anything or are they different styles from different vintages?

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