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i just realized the NDG utility overcoat and EG fireman jacket are 90% the same
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I see nothing. But good looking jacket. Not a huge fan of the sideways breast pocket, but overall, I like.
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Originally Posted by grundletaint View Post
really? i can see it. it's the brown R&B dakota jacket on his blog
Hotlinked images from blogspot won't show up if they're not already in your browser cache.
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oh snap. well i'll post mine when it gets here. i'm sure it's gonna look shitty on me anyhow.
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Originally Posted by redgrail View Post
You like it, the black?

PS: pic not working, Mr. Taint.

Yeahhh, I know. I really need more color in my wardrobe but most of the stuff I've liked so far has happened to be black or grey.

And yes, the NdG overcoat and EG firemans jacket look nearly identical.
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Originally Posted by chiral View Post

Nom de Guerre utility overcoat
Surface to Air Paris bomber
Trickers heavy brogues
Wings + Horns black and grey denim
MJK shawl neck

Wait, who has the Wings + Horns neutral denim?
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Just got my Clarks Desert Boots and Filson Mackinaw jacket, love that shit. They both look great and size nicely.
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Chiral, where'd you get the S2A bomber?
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Nothing special here but I just got some JV Mercer boots. Here's the deal: They arrived slightly damaged (a scrape on the leather). I called the store up and they told me I had two options. I could deal with the time/hassle by returning them and ordering them again (no shipping fees) or I could take a $25 "repair credit" (sent to me, not store credit...I could opt for store credit but that would just be dumb) and get them repaired or repair them myself. So, what would you do? Any easy suggestions for repair?
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What's there to repair? The scuff is fine, and in no way affects the integrity of the boots.
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boots are meant to have scuffs and wear, they look much better that way, just take the credit... if it were a cut in the leather or something that would be different
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My feelings for return were based more on the idea of accepting a damaged product. That being said, I was really learning towards just buying some black polish (which I'll need anyway) and just pocketing the other $23. Thanks yo.
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Originally Posted by 1up View Post
Love these, where'd you copp em?

I got the Sperry Chukkas at For the Greater Good in DC. They don't have a webstore per se, but take phone orders and have limited stock on their blog at
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Raf Simons F/W 99 asymetrical cotton cloak/cape
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