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Every 30-75 days, depending.
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Originally Posted by tweedlesinpink
I'm in the tropics where shit happens very quickly

Funny, I thought life was meant to move a little slower in the tropics...

Okay, I promise not to use that rimshot dude again for a week. Unless I really need to. Interesting grammatical construction, regardless.

Anyway, one man's month of wear is another man's week, depending on what you wear to work, whether or not you rotate, how much of a beating your jeans take in a weekend, etc. I usually go the distance (i.e. as long as humanly and hygienically possible) only before the first wash, and even then if they really need it I'll do it.

Fok's right, although tearing isn't necessarily a worst-case scenario - a good patch job can look pretty cool, imo.
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I wash my jeans each time this thread is bumped from nowhere.
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Originally Posted by seoulfully
once a month eh?
Ryu is a denim god here and over on SuFu. You can view his monthly washes over here. Many denim experts believe that in order to make your expensive jeans last, you'll have to wash them fairly frequently for the four reasons those guys posted above.
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My Nudies were my first pair of nice jeans. Washed them for the first time after about 3 months, then about once a month or so after that. They turned out nice, and they're very soft and comfortable now. I fall asleep in them occasionally and they feel like heavy pajamas at this point.

I just got my APCs in today. (Side note: I ordered them from Denim Bar on Monday, and they arrived today [Wednesday]. Best service EVAR.)

I plan on washing them never ever. I decided I like the look of new raw jeans, so I think these will be dry-clean only unless I get a wild hair across my ass.
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