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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

It's hard to participate in these BF sales when I don't want anything. So far, I've picked up (another) Inverallan cap and three pairs of Chup socks :\

Yeah, but that's kinds of good thing, is it not?
Originally Posted by gong View Post

rip paul walker

I wonder what this will mean for F&F 7? (0)
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

MAC - Junya, EG, DVN, CdG
Acrimony - Drkshdw, Silent, RG

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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

Hahah they're a gateway to the dark side wink.gif
Yeah kg and jwoo and toasty have none guidi
Synth and dlester have white ann boots

i enjoy the pull towards the dark side. its fun. smile.gif

ill have to remember that so i know who to hit up for info when i turn that corner.
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

In SF for a couple days, anything I should do/eat? If anyone wants to get a beer, lemme know.

This place was just on Kron 4, looked really good http://www.kokkari.com/home/
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MAC = modern appealing clothing


one of the original designer boutiques in SF.  all the best places already mentioned, most are in my neighborhood.. probably not your scene, but there are a few other places in Hayes Valley that are interesting: Cotton Sheep and Reliquary have some Japanese and Native American boho-workwear stuff, Gimme Shoes is pretty good, too. SF just has a lot fewer unique places than NY... but we do have good coffee, cocktails and food :-)


yes.. Kokkari is really good. and R&G is maybe the best cantonese (so I've heard,  I am no expert. it was good the few times i've been)

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Kokkari, State Bird Provisions both quite good. If you can wake up Mama's for brunch. There's always a line, but you can people watch. Last time I was in line behind Carlos Santana (he waited like everyone else).
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

MAC = modern appealing clothing

Yup MAC is great and their super clearance rack usually has some really good gems/deals.
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I really want a nice pair of black raw denim!

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this BF only made me realize how much i prefer buying things in a b&m store
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R&g known for the crab but I prefer the duck, so damn delicious. And your right in chinatown and Broadway.
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This reminds me... Golden Gate Bakery egg tarts.
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B&S pm I would to pay x incl. shipping, the person has no location in his info. facepalm.gif
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Thanks dudes. Archive was cool, nice to see some more Devoa in person. Guys at Maas & Stacks are awesome. Got a siki im shirt that's like the best fitting thing I've ever had. Finished with some really solid Italian food... Forget the name.
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Sunrise over the canyon this morning.

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Anybody have any ideas for a jacket that would be very similar to a duffle coat, but more sleek (i.e. no toggles or patch pockets)? Must be available in gray and in big man sizes. Hood is essential.
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Whoa wait a minute, what the heck is this ebay global shipping program? I just sold a really expensive item to a guy located in the UK. Anyone experienced with this thing? Is it another way for ebay to take money away from me?
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