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Originally Posted by gong View Post

why can't people have their own opinions?

he's your tailor, not your fucking life coach

It's interesting you immediately chose to play the devil's advocate for a mystery person -- and not only that, but come out swinging/swearing -- when all you have to go on is that he's "racist and homophobic." You have no idea what was said or how bad it is, and the very fact of the question being asked clearly indicates it was not innocuous.
Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

How high is your tolerance you mean?

Well put.
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Racism and homophobia are not mere "opinions," give me a break.

ok their views, now what?


you wouldn't give him business but you are almost entirely dressed of japanese clothing, people who aren't exactly known for being very friendly to any race but theirs and have a rather nasty track record


what's your business?

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i hope you get all the thumbs you intended with your hilariously feeble attempt at comedy

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Originally Posted by gong View Post

you wouldn't give him business but you are almost entirely dressed of japanese clothing, people who aren't exactly known for being very friendly to any race but theirs and have a rather nasty track record

You might be shocked to learn that I am buying clothes from individuals and their businesses, not the collective history of all of Japan.

However, thank you – this comment makes it very clear why you are quick to defend racism.
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Can you guys recommend me good light jackets besides my MDR?
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In all likelihood, I'll be traveling from the 25th of December to the 23rd of January - so the better part of 4 weeks, thinking about hitting up the USA/Canada

Loner's interests include:
- Seeing cool cities and walking around them
- Seeing dramatic and awesome landscapes of all varieties
- Eating outrageously good food and trying new dishes
- Meeting new people and having fun
- Visiting schools and talking to people there (easy to organise)
- Playing musical instruments that are difficult to acquire in Australia
- Things I haven't done before

At the moment, it is cheapest for me to fly into San Francisco or Chicago, and looking at flights around the USA leads me to believe that getting from city to city would not be hugely expensive.

I've considered hitting up the following places:
- San Francisco (cause I land there)
- Chicago (because I know people there)
- Montreal (because it looks cool and very different from the desert I live in)
- Colorado (for some reason I want to see it, looks beautiful)
- Yellow Stone (no idea how feasible this is to do)


NYC is currently not on the list because accommodation looks prohibitively expensive at this point. Does anyone here have any quick recommendations I could explore, look into or research? I've found looking at places like wikitravel really helpful for understanding how to get around a place, but very unhelpful for understanding what a place has to offer (outside of food and shelter). Would appreciate all help/advice/criticism/etc

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post


dude is Armenian/middle eastern - always has to "educate" me on history and where I "come from" and basically tells me how dumb Canadians are and ignorant and shit like that. and that basically, because he seems to think he's more genetically closer to what he thinks of as the birthplace of civilisation (Armenia) that he's better than people, and has to educate people - you're not Canadian, you're caucasian! from the Caucasus! (I'm Czech/Indian descent so i look like one of his people so he likes that).

Same arguments all the time, but the conversation steered into politics and China/Russia and impending doom of the world (according to him)...I stupidly mentioned Russia and Putin and his insane homosexuality laws (stupidly because I know this guy is Orthodox Christian). He basically went on about how gays are the worst and should die and how awesome Putin is...I got really mad and into a yelling match with him...packed up my spandex I wanted made into pants and was about to leave....he made peace somewhat so we shook hands and bullshitted some more about stuff like humans as animals (guy contradicts himself all the time, but you can't point that out to an old man set in his ways (I said he was brainwashed and you should have seen his face) ) - he's still going to make my pants but I left disgruntled... nod[1].gif


edit: Basically what I'm saying is: how much slack do you guys cut people just because you "know where they're coming from"? I.e. you know how their culture has conditioned them and you can kind of explain how they've come to those stupid-ass far does "I see where you're coming from" (understanding the reasoning behind shit) mitigate the shitty parts of a person's personality? I mean, he does good work...

Way to go breezy. Seriously. Not many people have the capacity to “see where somebody’s coming from” You obviously do. Maybe you caught him on a bad day. Maybe you said something that pushed a button. The same could be said about him vis a vis your viewpoints. You’ve also been talking with your tailor about politics, sex, and religion. Not sure how great a theme that is. So his dander flares up when it comes to touchy subjects. So what?

If your tolerence is low go someplace else. If you can put up with it, and hopefully if there’s some humor involved down the road, keep him. He is a good tailor after all.
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He's a good man Jeffery... and thorough.
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wrong place

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alden thread is creepiest thread this side of 4chan.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

alden thread is creepiest thread this side of 4chan.

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loafers make me uncomfortable in a deeply primal and sexual way


there I said it I am free

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I got to check out Gallery Aesthete on Friday, seems like a pretty cool place. I was just cruising around waiting for my friend to get off work when I recalled hearing about it, but I couldn't remember the name or where it was located, so I thought I was I was out of luck. Not 30 seconds later a dude decked out in RO (I think?) approached me, handed me a little booklet about the place, and directed me through an unmarked door. It was like the room of requirement or some shit. Anyway, they had a nice selection, and I got to read the piece about Aitor Throup in the SZ magazine while I was there. It's pretty small, but the decor is cool and the layout is nice. The only weird thing is neither of the employees there spoke to me until right as I was stepping into the elevator to leave. They were busy helping some middle aged #menswear dude try on Ann D and CdG.
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