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Someone rec me some nice white dress shirts - would just buy Epaulet if they didn't have the chest pockets on their dress shirts. Please don't say Brooks Brothers.
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Cyc Wit it and LA Guy both with great SF food recs. I agree with almost everything other than I don't think Philz coffee is all that good. I work across the street from one and want to like it, but I think Blue Bottle is MUCH better.

I like taking friends from out of town down to the Ferry Building on a sunday morning to get lunch/brunch.
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Originally Posted by mvpberto View Post

He's going to SF not LA though, it's not the same.

Food guy seemed pretty knowledgeable about all of California not just la
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What I meant was the type of food Jet was looking for, more quick eats less dine in/sit down, there's a lot of good places to eat in SF
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Fok, do you travel for SF-related stuff a lot or for your academia stuff? just curious
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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

I wish I could pull of half of Sruli Recht's clothes.


what were you looking at?

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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post


what were you looking at?


None of the more extreme pieces, but I like a lot of the sweaters/cardigans:



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So yeah, it hit me... I miss having hair more than I enjoy the novelty of a buzzed head. At least it'll grow back though, which is more than what can be said for a lot of other guys. shog[1].gif

Time to scour B&S for a decent wig—maybe some Woolrich Wigs for Men, or Peir Wigs. Or maybe I'll see if there're any Maison Margiela Manes.
Junywa Wigatabe
Yves Saint Locks
Ann DeMulletmeester
APC x Crewcut
Mohawk McNairy
Common Propecia
Maison Kitoupé
Surface to Hair
Cheveux les essentiels de la vie

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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

I sincerely doubt I could pull it off, but this is so cool


It's from Siki im fw 13-14 right? Where did you found this picture?

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considering just keeping these guidi at this price even though i don't need them...
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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

Paging 4est




This is cool and I want it.  Who is stocking it?



Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

I'm finally at a point where I love everything in the closet and it all gets use. Won't be selling just adding on slowly (and only new stuff I can return easily if I end up not liking it). Feels good

This was linked to me......hehe only Margiela



Same with this.  Is it something that can be currently purchased or is it old?

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4est, I'll have to re-find the link, but it's being sold on a Korean store, have no idea if they ship to the US or anything (got bored so was browsing Bless stockists), and they had it available in a Large, which is probably the right size for you
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"Surface to Hair"
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Hmmm if it's BLESS I probably shouldn't buy it right now since I have a few trips coming up :(  But I'm always interested in knowing about new stockists

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