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Originally Posted by shahanshah View Post
fox fur

That's uglier than a snuggie.
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Looks like tattoed geriatric moldy labia
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Originally Posted by coldforge View Post
Washing isn't really the huge deal a lot of denim wearers make it out to be. It's good for shrinking your denim and getting out some of the rumpling, if that's your desire. But I don't think that people generally need to make such a huge deal out of avoiding washes for the sake of their fades. My most faded denim is always my most worn denim, and the number of washes has very little to do with it.

Denim in general is pretty overrated. I don't even have that many pairs, and I already feel like I have way too much.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
jesus, just don't let the rest of the firm see you in one of those get ups on the way in.
More like when I change back into what I wore in at 5:00. But I've been pretty damned boring lately during this cold spell, it's -24 out, not a lot of room for creativity when you're just surviving. Boot tuck, however, will be a godsend.
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i've been wearing nothing but boots, jeans and a sweater lately with my ann d. cashmere coat, no waywt nothing to see here
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Finally put my dior homme 19cm up for sale, the fit just doesn't work on me.
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sup SF? back from the holy land.
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you were gone?
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did you wear your desert boots? the imperialist overtones would have been too easy for me to resist
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I'm glad my strong personality made it seem like I wasn't even gone.

No desert boots, just canvas vans mostly and then my santonis for shabbat dinner.
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Nah, I noticed.
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I've just accepted that Schneider doesn't fit me. Size 6 kind of fits in the shoulders but the body fits like a sack. 7 is just bad all around. No Schneider for me
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there's always accessories
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I have a pretty random question about high-end denim. When I try to explain to people the idea behind paying over $200 for a pair of jeans I generally talk about how they're made using high quality materials and constructions similar to those used before companies like Levi sacrificed quality in order to make jeans as efficiently and quickly as possible--so basically they're made like jeans "used to be made". Their response is invariably to ask , if they cost so much today, how the hell people "back then" could possibly afford them. Can anyone offer any insight? Am I just wrong in my argument?
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it's probably best to avoid explaining these things to those who show little interest especially as justification for the exorbitant prices
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