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I'm not so much a fan.
For some reason, Levi's Red/Blue/Black have always irked me the wrong way.

They feel like a spin-off sitcom to me, like "Joey" or something.
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Probably, if I ever got a chance to go down to DC and check out your store. I'd like to see you site get that online store working one day, this way I can order stuff off of it.
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Originally Posted by Denimbar
it amazes me the disinterest in my post. I owuld have thought since all you talk about are basicly Levi knock off's that you would want the real deal.

Yo, Denimbar I have a challenge for you. I have heard good stuff about you and your store on Superfuture. (I live in England)

I wear a 36 waist and 36 leg - in an ideal world I would like a 37/38 leg (no shrinkage), so i can add a small cuff.

I like to buy jeans made from jeans manufacturers only (ie not Chip and Pepper and all these other rubbishy LA based brands that have sprung up. I also dont like 'designer' brand jeans).....

So... what I am asking is what do you recommend for me to wear?

At the moment I am rotating Edwin Nashvilles, LVC raw repros and will shortly be receiving some Denimes from Japan.

Open to any suggestions / and anything you might be able to sell me from your store if you ship to UK!!
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The Levis pictured on Rakuten look cool. I absolutely hate the Levi's Store on Lexington here in Manhattan -- it's always mobbed and I can never find what I want...

I could be interested...
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