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Here's a brief writeup on the PYL scandal from Mark Evanier's Web site:

In 1984, a man named Michael Larsen went on the CBS daytime game show, Press Your Luck, and won $110,237. This was at a time when $10,000 was considered a huge win on a TV quiz program. Mr. Larsen had managed to figure out a loophole in the Press Your Luck game board and exploited it to rack up an amazing total in a game that went so long, it had to be split into two episodes. (Ordinarily, Press Your Luck played one game per day. Larsen's game was the only one in five years that ever ran two days.) A couple years ago, GSN ran a documentary on it all and included most of the footage from those two episodes, though with many interruptions to explain things. I thought it was interesting but not as interesting as watching the original shows as they originally aired.

ME's Web site has a lot of interesting trivia and showbiz stuff:
The host of the show died today in a plane crash.