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WPblogmatic Inc., Files $5 Million Law Suit Against Buildablogstore


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Jan 12, 2011
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The legal bickering between WPblogmatic, Inc., and the backer of Buildablogstore (BABS), BloggingMaster LLC, has erupted over a PHP script, which uses Wordpress as its fundamental operating system. Wordpress is open source code. Wordpress is distributed according to the GNU Public License, assuring that the source code is accessible free of charge to all involved users with the right to adjust as required.

Both WPblogmatic and Buildablogstore (BABS) use a modified version of Wordpress to effect installation and setup. A specific Autoblogging plug-in is used to affect the management interface and the setup of affiliate posts.

The plug-in is built to automate the creation of blogs and create posts of items from a choice of affiliates like eBay, Amazon, Overstock, commission Junction, etc.

There is a tendency to view that there are two things: WordPress, and the active Plug-in. But they do not run in isolation. They operate as one cohesive unit. They cannot even operate in a sequential order. WordPress starts up, WordPress tells the plug-in to run its utilities and register its hooks and filters, then WordPress runs an amount of queries, then WordPress calls the suitable plug-in PHP file, and from then on the plug-in hooks into the queried WordPress data and uses WordPress functions to initiate it, and then WordPress shuts down and finishes the request. On that straightforward view, it appears like a multi-layered pastry. But the integration is even more amalgamated than the pastry analogy contends.

It is amiss to think of WordPress and a plug-in as estranged entities. As far as the code is concerned, they make one working unit. The plug-in code doesn't sit-on-top of WordPress. It is within it, in various different places, with countless interdependencies. This develops a web of shared data distribution and code all contained within a collaborative memory space.

What this shows is that a plug-in developer would need to completely remove any and all Wordpress code before being able to lodge a copyright protection for the design of their plug-in. Plug-in code necessarily derives from WordPress and thus must be licensed under the GNU General Public License if it is distributed.


Mr. Bert Tassoni returned our telephone call and stated that WPblogmatic Inc., early in 2010 purchased the GNU open source code online and invested considerable money employing its own American based coders to expertly advance the code, create a effectively new management interface and make certain the product genuinely worked.

Mr. Tassoni further claimed that the end result is the best and most stable Autoblogging tool actually put on the market. WPblogmatic absolutely has succeeded everywhere Buildablogstore failed!

Although both PHP scripts use the same Wordpress code as a foundation, the performance and management interface are completely different. WPblogmatic totally redesigned the product applying an open source code readily available online.

The claims made by BloggimgMaster LLC and Peter Bresko, against WPblogmatic Inc., proved to be false and malicious and have resulted in a substantial Law Suit.

Designers of Themes or Plug-Ins for WordPress had better take note of this case study.


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