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Worrying about foot shrinkage?

Discussion in 'Health & Body' started by MMiUSA, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. MMiUSA

    MMiUSA Well-Known Member

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    Jan 27, 2018
    Ok, so before anyone chimes in with a “you’re crazy” comment, I have seen it in measurement.

    About a year ago I got resized for boots, it had been a while since my last sizing. I went to a local RW store, got to know some of the workers, they have a foot measurement computer. I hopped on that, which displays 3 sizes that would work, for me it was: 11.5C, 11D, 10.5E. Few months later I go to AE store and get Brannock device measurement, they measure me around 9.5E to 10E. I kind of wrote it off as I likely had on thicker wool socks at RW than I wore to AE.

    No biggie.

    Here’s the weird part though. Recently I ordered some loafers that I had before, only this time they were a little long. I thought maybe they changed last, but It started bothering me enough that I did a printed Brannock guide, no scaling - and was shocked to see my pull up a 9.25E. What?

    Must be the paper Brannock! Totally innaccutate! I can’t get it off my mind however and go see my friend at RW. Didn’t say a thing, just checking out the new models and kind of was like “cool if I get my measurement again? Just to make sure I’m right.”

    I step on, it does the reading and my 3 sizes displayed are; 8.5E, 9D, 9.5C.

    He is shocked, I am shocked. I don’t know what has happened. Now I am worried. The only different factor was I had normal tennis shoe socks today. I did work mostly from a desk today, so no major on feet periods (maybe an hour of straight standing once). But I can’t think any of that justifies a drop in 2 complete sizes.

    I’m super worried and have a kid on the way. I really don’t want something to be seriously wrong in my health or body.

    Anybody else have any similar experience?

    Thank you for any advice or help. Just worried.

  2. localmotion

    localmotion Member

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    Oct 26, 2018
    sorry i dont' have any advice for you but i've noticed the opposite, i use to always wear 10/10.5 but recently been replacing shoes/tennies and all are 11/11.5 :eek2:

    I'm way past my growing years, so thought this was strange. maybe shoe sizes are all over the place these days :brick:

  3. unsuitable

    unsuitable Senior Member

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    Jun 19, 2015
    Oklahoma believe it or not
    I am told that men of a certain age experience this. I have a boon pheasant hunting companion who had to get rid of many pairs of fancy boots (I live in cowboy boot country) when his feet shrank (he was about 63 at the time). Many of our peers reported similar situations between mid 50s to late 60s.

    Personally, I had some kidney issues a few years ago (stones, infections, etc) and during that time I was holding water in my feet. My feet seemed to get larger (but not my bones) and then seemed to go back down once I got healthy again (I also had odd faint dark spots on my hands for the better part of 2 years).

    So maybe you are getting healthy or just getting older or both?

  4. bvbellomo

    bvbellomo Member

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    Jul 14, 2010
    I notice manufactures are wildly inconsistent, even the same manufacturer. I have worn as small as an 8 and as large as 11.5. Ask your doctor next physical if you are seriously worried about it being a symptom of something worse. Even if your feet really are shrinking, what's the big deal? They aren't going to disappear and you will be in a casket before you lose a full size.

  5. dylanturner

    dylanturner New Member

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    May 9, 2019
    Over time, your feet flatten out under the weight of your body and connective tendons and ligaments lose their elasticity and don’t hold the joints and bones together as well.
    The result is when you hit 40, your foot can increase by as much as half a shoe size – about 3 to 4 mm - every ten years.
    As we age, leaky veins also allow fluid to leak into the feet and ankles, making them swell.

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