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work stress


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Sep 28, 2004
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there was a mention, in another thread, or stressful work. talking about divorce lawyer as an espectially stressful job, and comparing that to minister, counsler and therapist, all considered stressful. I found that interesting - not that I would argue with it, I just never considered those types of jobs to be stressful. my sister is a rabbi, and I am always laughing behind her back at how she considers that to be a stressful job (hoping that she isn't reading this, or the threads that I say what I think of her husband....) I honestly never considered those types of jobs to be stressful.

what have I considered stressful? leadership jobs, sales jobs, miltiary and combat jobs, some medical jobs. jobs where other people are dependant on you, and where you have limited control of the circomstances and have to react

but that is just my opinion. I would genuinly be very interested in hearing your opinions.


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Nov 3, 2007
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Well, there are different types of stress.

There's workload stress, which obviously comes from just having a ton of shit to do (usually with lots of deadlines).

There's physical stress that a waiter or construction worker might experience in which you have to spend all day moving and lifting things. Not only do you become physically tired, but because it's consistent and continuous you feel stressed because of it.

There's Atlas stress (made it up just now) which is where you feel you're holding up the world. Like a doctor might feel when people are depending on him to save lives and such.

Psychological stress, which can very easily be seen in military personnel. Dealing with death and hate can be a real mindfuck. Which is why we see so many cases of post traumatic stress disorder in veterans.

Performance stress, which you see often in competative sales positions. Real estate, car dealerships, retail and such. Need to make that money, and any sale you fail to land is a loss for you. Athletes also suffer from this as they are paid a lot of money and people expect a lot from them.

Being overwhelmed. Not quite like workload stress, but something that a PR / politician / celebrity might face. Too much going on, all the time, everywhere you go. Basically no peace of mind.

Emotional stress. Which I can see a Rabbi or divorce lawyer suffer from. You deal with a lot of people that have problems.

Economic stress. Having a crappy job with too many bills.

Some jobs have more or less of these symptoms combined. And the severity of each also is affected by your job type and position.

So I can easily see a rabbi having to deal with being overwhelmed (everyone needs to talk with you), emotional, atlas and workload stress.

Of course, I'm just talking out of my ass, so feel free to ignore me.


Stylish Dinosaur
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Jul 25, 2006
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IMHO, job stress depends on your boss. Whether your boss has a good sense of perspective matters a great deal.


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Jun 9, 2005
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IME, one of the greatest levels of job stress stem from uncertainty regarding job security


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Jan 29, 2004
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a stressful job for me would be one where people's lives are on the line.

whenever i'm having a bad day, i always think about the job a good friend of mine has. she works as the director of a women's clinic. so in addition to the daily grind of dealing with irate women who are in for their yearly mammograms, at 4pm every day, she has a list of people that she has to call back to let them know that their mammograms didn't turn out normal and they have to come in for a biopsy.

i have no response to her telling me "yeah, we had a lady in today. she was really nice in her late thirties. she has metastatic cancer and probably won't be around in a year."



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May 11, 2007
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Stress comes in flavors, just like ice cream. You have to find the flavor of stress that you like. Personally, I absolutely hate sales job stress. I thrive in life or death emergency stress environments. The type of "face to face" "get to know someone during their darkest hours" stress that ministers, counselors, oncologists, etc face isn't my cup of tea either.

We're all wired differently, and some people react negatively to a type of stress, others react positively to that type of stress.


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Apr 28, 2004
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As an attorney specializing in Divorce and custody my father's life was always filled with stress.

It matters I think in how much of yourself you give into the matter and how much you care.

My Dad always cared about the kids and getting then into the best situations. Probably too much which is why he was always stressed out.

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