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Winter cycling shoes, what ya suggest to go with?


Jan 18, 2011
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Hi all. I'm looking for an alternative to neoprene booties for winter riding, and I'm considering getting a pair of winter shoes. I usually ride SPD-SL pedals, but would consider old-style SPD's for the winter. One of my gripes with neoprene booties is the difficulty of adjusting my shoes during a ride, and they all seem to be poorly made. I'd like to find a winter shoe that would be good down to about 25 degF. I've just looked into this pair. Am I on the right track? Will I be disappointed? Any other recommendations?


Distinguished Member
Nov 17, 2006
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Your question is better posed on a cycling board of which there are many to choose from.


Senior Member
Dec 4, 2010
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First of all, I ride/race quite a bit, and ride on many group rides. Nobody is adjusting their shoes. You put them on, tighten them down, ride, finish ride, take them off. If you have a need to fiddle during a ride, maybe your shoes aren't a good fit.

Secondly, you don't mean old style spd's (which implies shimano's clipless pedal system) if you are going to wear those boots, you mean flat platform pedals. I think if you plan to ride more than 2-3 miles with those boots and platform pedals, you will be very unhappy.

Then the idea that all neoprene booties are poorly made is quite a generalization. Find the top of the line Gore booties and they look and feel much different than the neoprene bottom of the range booties from performance.

Finally if you want to keep warm feet, have access to your main closure strap on your shoe, and not have much of an investment, get toe covers for your shoes, double up on socks, put a small sandwich baggie in-between your socks, and then get one of those toe warming inserts from rei (the ones that get hot when exposed to air, and stay warm for 6 hours), put the warmers between your toe cover and your shoe.. The airflow will keep the warmer hot, and. You'll definitely feel the warmth through your shoe.

Otherwise get the top end Gore booties (on sale for 60 or so) and you'll be happy.

Serotta.com has a nice forum. You'll probably find a lot of info there on winter bike wear. (I wouldn't bring up the timberlands)


Dec 31, 2010
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Originally Posted by dr.no
Your question is better posed on a cycling board of which there are many to choose from.

... of which I personally recommend bikeforums.net as a tremendous resource. If the roadies can't help you the commuters certainly can.

Myself, I commute year 'round. I use eggbeaters so there's no adjustment going on there, and I use the Wind Tex shoe covers from BourÃ
. At 15F into a 15-20mph headwind they hang right in.

All of this keeps me in a 40R, of course.

the Repeater

New Member
Oct 30, 2008
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Sock choice: base cycling sock, and one or two pairs heavy wool.

Options: Lake, Gaerne, Shimano, or Specialized. I have had many pairs of winter booties and shoes. The Gaerne options are the warmest, driest, and best made. They also come above the ankle and are very much boots. Specialized makes nice, ankle height (like a chukka vs. a boot) shoe that keeps weather at bay, fits nicely, and is well made. Proper closure.

Most don't get very tight, but are very secure nonetheless. Tight shoes in winter = instant frostbite. The Sidi's and Diadora's are worthless, only okay for Italians that think anything below 45ºF is too cold to go outside at all and don't protect from anything.

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