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Why do I like the Belstaff H Racer so much? Better alternative?


New Member
Nov 26, 2020
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Hi guys, This is my first post, I haven't really cared much about fashion for quite a while but am in market for a couple of jackets and that has sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole. While trying to decide on what I want it has become apparent to me that for whatever reason I really like the Belstaff H Racer. I don't know what it is about it that I like so much but that thing has stuck w/ me for years now, ever since whatever Bourne movie that was, it had just never occured to me to find out who made it and actually buy one. And I know I'm not the only one lol in fact I have no doubt it's probably considered something like a "poseur jacket" since so many plebs like it. And I totally get it. Which is part of why I am trying to find an alternative.

Of course the easy answer is just buy a used one BUT they are kind of hard to come by, at least currently and in my size. Not only that but the original waxed canvas ones, which is what I'd want, apparently develop cracks in the finish from wear and I'm just not really about buying a used $350 jacket with cracks. And it's apparenty some kind of poly so I don't think I could just rewax it. The next option is the gen 2 in "rubberized jersey" but ehhh... it won't breathe and I just don't like the sound of it. Not for $350. Honestly I'd rather have something in leather.

Well then, you might say, the obvious answer is the V Racer since that's basically what it is. And you would be right, if I were a normal person. But I am a special boy and I don't like the idea of spending more than $50 on anything in lambskin. Even though I know there is good lambskin out there. I don't want it. They just seem flimsy. Especially in Ebay pics. I would definitely tear it up if I were to get into a motorcycle chase or have to jump off a building. I want something tough.

So you're thinking "perfect". It's just a moto jacket. Schott 141 and be done with it. And I hear you. I really do. Schott's are what started me down this path and I wish it was that simple. In fact, I would've already bought a used Blackmeans for $400. But once again I am a special boy and that's just going to do (at the moment at least). For the time being I don't like the look of the straight pocket zipper. The only thing worse is if there's 2 of them. I would rather have no pocket than a straight one lol.

So what is it about the H Racer that sets it apart from just a regular moto?
It's got the cool panelling or whatever but I don't care about that. Nor do I care about the weird neck latch at the collar. I wish it wasn't there actually. There are the weird shoulder pad things which I guess identify it as a Belstaff but honestly I could do without those either. So that just leaves the collar and the slanted pocket and as I am writing this I'm pretty sure the pocket is the only thing I really care about lol. Writing is cathartic.

So I guess my question is does anyone know of anything similar to the H Racer, that's not made by Belstaff, or know of any other moto styles w/ the single slanted pocket? Would Vanson or Aero or Bill Kelso make me one?

Has anyone had any experience w/ Lusso Leather? That was originally going to be the subject of my post. I've searched the forum and don't see any real mention of them which seems odd since they've been in business a few years and seem to have a lot of happy customers. I didn't know if maybe it was taboo or something lol. "Such a noob question lol." I'm leaning towards Lusso b/c I like that I can upgrade the leather type as well as the thickness. I know these cheap made to measure jacket sites are looked upon with suspicion and disdain but the customer pics look good to me and it's been my experience w/ foreign made stuff that its all down to the materials and the price you are willing to pay rather than the skill of the person making it. And I am willing to spec some decent stuff. At least with what I'm looking for. I'm not super worried about the minor details. Plus I think it would be cool to spec some hidden pockets and whatnot.

So any thoughts/reccomendations would be appreciated. I'm also looking for a jacket to replace my beloved Dickies Eisenhower's. So collared cafe racer type stuff. Aero, Schott, Blackmeans, Bill Kelso, etc. I was planning on going used and staying below 1K for both but if I can figure something out with the H Racer clone I'd spend a little more to have something made and kill 2 birds with one stone.

Count Laszlo

New Member
Dec 14, 2018
Reaction score
I have 5 Belstaff jackets and love the collar and latch especially on cold evenings. The design is very functional. You won’t find anything out that compares to Belstaff riding jackets and coats IMO.

Phileas Fogg

Distinguished Member
Feb 9, 2020
Reaction score
The racer jacket is Belstaff’s “killer app”. You could look at the Barbour International but for styling I give the edge to Belstaff.

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