White collar/blue body shirt - white or self-coloured cuffs?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by radicaldog, May 5, 2013.

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    Wedding season is upon us. I've got three in Italy coming up, all around Lake Como. Formal day wear is not appropriate there, except perhaps for the groom and best man, so I'm just going to wear a dark lounge suit. But I thought that, to nod at formal daywear, I could wear a shirt with a white collar. And here's the dilemma: white or self-coloured cuffs? It seems to me that self cuffs are standard with proper formal daywear shirts, because the collar is detachable and the cuffs aren't. But what about normal dress shirts to be worn with lounge suits? Somehow I'm still attracted to self cuffs, but (i) I may have to go RTW because of timing, and those are harder to find, and (ii) perhaps white cuffs are more appropriate if the collar isn't detachable (?). In general it seems to me that in England people tend to wear self cuffs, and in Italy white cuffs -- which rather attracts me to the former option. What d'you reckon?


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