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    Below is the post that i put on the Crockett & Jones cordovan M T O shoe and boot thread . It's a group order of a whiskey cordovan belt , all the details are below . A member on here suggested i give this M T O it's own thread as there might be people that would be interested in participating that didn't see the original post .So i took advice .all the details are below . if your interested send me a message.

    A couple of months ago i put a post on here asking if people were interested in doing a group order with Crockett & Jones for a whiskey cordovan belt. I received a lot of interest . A total of 15 people said they were interested .I then contacted Lauren at Crockett & Jones to see if they would take a single or group order of whiskey cordovan belts . Lauren told me that Crockett & Jones weren't interested in taking the order single or group, even if i got the usual 12 people they require for a shoe or boot order. I have since found out who Crockett & Jones who use to manufacture their belts. I then contacted the manufacturer and they are happy to take an order for whiskey cordovan belts. They put me in contact with a London retailer who the orders would go through.

    So here's the deal. The Crockett & Jones dark brown cordovan belt currently retails at £200 plus what ever shipping costs they charge . I am afraid i am unaware of what they charge .
    The whiskey cordovan belt that i will describe below would be the same price of £200 plus £10 postage within the UK , postage within Europe and America would £15 . The retailer didn't give me a postage price for any other locations , but I would guess anywhere else would also be £15.

    I can't say this is a Crockett & Jones whiskey cordovan belt . It won't be stamped with the words Crockett & Jones

    Here's what I can say . The belts will be made by the company that makes the belts for Crockett & Jones . The belts will be made in the same factory , using the same machinery ,and cutting knives. Any manufacturing process that is used to make the dark brown cordovan belts for Crockett & Jones would be used to make these whiskey cordovan belts.''' except the stamping of the words Crockett & Jones''. The people making these belts work for the same company that makes the Crockett & Jones .So to all intense and purposes I can say these whiskey cordovan belts are made by the self same people that make the Crockett & Jones belts in the same factory with the same machines .

    MATERIALS USED : As i am sure you are all aware Crockett & Jones sources it's cordovan from the tannery called Horween . These belts will be made using Horween cordovan. In the picture that i have attached showing the whiskey cordovan belt you may notice that the buckle is slightly different to the buckle that is on the Crockett & Jones cordovan belt . That's because the lady at the belt manufactures sent me a picture of the belt form their catalog .The buckle that will be used on this belt order will be the same buckle that is used on the Crockett & Jones cordovan belts . The thread that will be used to stitch these belts to together will be of the same composition and thickness as the thread that is used to stitch together a Crockett & Jones cordovan belt.

    BELT SPECIFICATIONS : As i am sure you are all aware cordovan belts are made from 3 pieces of cordovan stitched together . The general consensus on this forum seems to be that people prefer the curvature of the joins on a Crockett & Jones cordovan belt than that of the ones made by Alden and Allen Edmond's. The curvature of the joins and the distances of those joins on these belts will be exactly the same as those joins on a Crockett & Jones cordovan belt. As mentioned earlier the buckle will be the same buckle as the buckle that is on the Crockett & Jones cordovan belt. The width and thickness of the belt will be the same as that of a Crockett & Jones cordovan belt . Lastly sizing the belts will be sized the same the Crockett & Jones belts ''i e sized in inches not the European centimeters method. So a size 36 Crockett & Jones belt will measure the same as a 36 in this belt , after all their made by the same company .

    I don't come on this forum much and i very rarely post anything , and i have never participated or organized a group order . So if I am doing any of this incorrectly please give me a break , because I am a bit new to all this. Today is the 9th of August . If your interested in participating in this order please send me you email details by the the 23rd of August .That gives people two weeks to see this post and decide if they want to order a belt . I will then forward your details to the retailer . They will then contact you to take payment .Whether that's by sending you a paypal invoice or taking payment via card is between you and the retailer . So if we then give the retailer until the 1st of September to have collected payment from everyone that wants to participate they would then place the order on the 1st . delivery form the manufacture to the retailer would be about 6 weeks . The retailer would then post the belts on to you .

    If i have done any of this incorrectly , I am would only to pleased for someone to point out any errors[ATTACHMENT=13508]A.2892PL34.jpg (329k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

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    Moving this to our GMTO thread @djohns7275

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    this sounds awesome. Thanks for organizing this. Can the buckle be changed / are there other buckle options?

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    Did this ever go anywhere?

    I'm exploring potential options for a whiskey belt. Does anyone know how similar Rancourt's caramel shell is?

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