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    Feb 15, 2017

    Which Patek philippe would be good gift for your father, someone who likes dress watch classics.

    Im currently deciding between a Calatrava 5227j Yellow gold with black strap.

    Or 5396 rose gold Patek complication also fitted with black crocodile leather.


    I don't mind the silver references. Please share your advice.


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    Does your father prefer relatively simple dials, with just a date display? If so, then the first watch pictured would be the better choice.

    Does he prefer more cluttered dials, with the date, day, month, and phase of the moon? If so, then the second watch pictured would be the better choice.

    Does he prefer yellow gold, or rose gold?

    Ultimately, a gift should take into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient. You presumably know your father's tastes and preferences better than does anyone else here. Which watch would he prefer?

    My late father would've preferred mint condition vintage stainless Omega Seamaster, to either of the Pateks in question. Not so much because he had any particular grudge against Patek, but because he (1) was loyal to Omega; and (2) disliked wearing gold jewelry.
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