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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by JohnG, Oct 11, 2004.

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    While catching up on some work, the BEST part of me ( hey its our anniversary today I have to li.... er be honest ) called me into the family room to catch the style section on a hollywood entertainment/ info show.

    My apology. I have no idea of the actual name of the show. I do not watch television much and just called me into see the style segment of it. It was on about 5-5:30 am E.S.T. if it helps.

    Apparently the best dressed men will be wearing 2 and 3 button suits- plaids - and wingtips . Accordingly to the reporter even the "labelwhore" designers are all showing suits as a bigger percentage of thier new seasonal mens line. He also stated this seems to be the look to come for quite a few seasons ( Must be a mystic ) .

    The like of Gucci- Prada- D.&G. will even be pushing wingtips for the season to come. ( Note the shoes I saw were brogued but did NOT appear to be wingtips. I assume ONE of the two, either model or reporter did not know the difference. )

    Also, Tweed is hot for both men and women. Everyone HAS to own at least one item of tweed. But for women the tweed suit look was still not in vogue yet.

    He also mentioned vests are making a comeback. The designers are showing both 2 AND 3 piece suits.

    FOr the women the pencil skirt is also in and each lady should own a pair of nominally round toed shoes, though the pointy ones are still in.

    This is your reporter for the common ( and not so common ) man with his ear to his wife with the eye on hollywood - and THAT'S the way it was.................


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