What to wear for senior prom?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Bortelli, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Hello everyone, I am really interested to hear any suggestions you have. Prom is a couple of weeks away And I was wondering what I should wear.

    My girlfriend has picked out a lovely mint dress, and I'm wondering how I can apply that color to my attire. I heard some suggestions from people to not match completely, a darker shade.

    What did you wear to senior prom?

    I really don't know If I should wear a tux, or a suit, considering our school isnt' that strict about prom attire. Also I really dont want to stand out, maybe some thing subtle.
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    There's a ton of these threads; the SF consensus would be to wear a tux, and do it right, and the way to do that is to read the black tie guide - http://www.blacktieguide.com/ - and do everything it says. That's really all you need to know.

    The whole 'matching your date' thing is considered a bit absurd here, but if you go with the tux and you feel you must do it, do it with a pocket square. Not, for pete's sake, with your bow tie or vest.

    as a personal take: if your principal concern is just to blend in with the crowd and get through the night, ask others what they're going to wear and go with that level of formality. so if no-one else is going to wear a tux, maybe don't, just wear a decent suit. there's a zillion threads here about how to buy and wear a decent suit. But if you like clothes at least a bit, consider: there's something very cool about wearing black tie and doing it properly by the book, and your high school prom may be one of only a few occasions you get to do it in your life, depending on where you live and what your social and business circles turn out to be. If you just wear a suit or, worse, one of those awful 'prom tuxes' in god knows what hideous colors, you might wind up looking back on this as a missed opportunity and/or an embarrassment...
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    I will offer this suggestion. It will probably make you stand out from your peers, but not from any normal suit/tie function.

    If you go tux, that is basically all out. If your school isn't know for it's "dapperness", you might wish to go with the suit. Hence:

    Charcoal Suit
    White shirt
    Black tie (go for grenadine if you can)
    Black shoes
    and then find a mint colored flower for your lapel. Extra points if it is a real flower.

    It is subtle, yet obvious that you made an attempt to coordinate with your date. You also allow her to be the main focal point with most of the color.

    As a secondary benefit, every item listed will serve you in your future professional life (sans the mint flower).
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