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What "rule" of style most needs to be thrown out?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by zackhyde, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. codeman92190

    codeman92190 Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2012
    Well like I said in the beginning: my distaste for this thread in no way reflects my opinion of its starter, and while calling it a "horrible idea" may have been a bit dramatic, I still maintain that forming a collection of more rules to break when no one follows the rules in the first place is detrimental to fostering a well dressed society. Secondly, I acknowledge that style is not about "rules" for everyone, and if this were a discussion in SW&D I wouldn't be taking any issue with it, because that is the route that they have chosen to follow in regards to their dress. Being that this is a forum dedicated to tailored clothing and suits, however, I think that one has to acknowledge that there is a difference. Whether you wear them for work or for pleasure (as I do), you have to accept that a suit is a uniform. It is rooted in a history and a culture, and when a person chooses to put one on, he is associating himself with all that that entails. To put on a tailored jacket with no regard for the proper way to wear it, in my opinion, does a disservice to the culture that has established those practices. In no way am I saying that individuality and expression cannot happen, nor would I suggest that rules cannot be broken. Rather, what I'm trying to impart is that for individual expression to have any real meaning, it has to start at the foundation of "rules" and inch outward. My main concern is that the majority of the people who will come to this thread (including myself, by the way) don't yet have that foundation, and they may be encouraged to disregard it.

    Of course, this is all just my opinion, and I'm sure you had no desire to get so "serious" about it, but you called me "chief", so you had it coming.

    Well, it's accepted among poorly dressed...everyone, so I don't quite see why they warrant an exemption.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2012
  2. imolazhp_ci

    imolazhp_ci Senior member

    Dec 28, 2010

    i meant it's accepted/adopted by lawyers for whatever reason. i did not mean it is accepted by others as okay for lawyers. i don't know why it is so common for lawyers to wear black suits, it just seems to be more common among them than any other profession. security guards, doormen, etc. they wear black suits. you would never catch a banker or anyone in finance in a black suit. i actually don't even know if i've ever seen anyone i know in a black suit.

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