What kind of physique is required for Tom Ford suits?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by dreamspace, Feb 19, 2013.

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    I've been curious about Tom Ford clothing for a long time, but my interest has peaked recently(both in good and bad ways.)

    First off: Is it just me, or are there actually just a few TF owners out there that seem to fit the suit cuts good? Unfortunately I've so far only seen very few "WOW" pictures of people wearing his suits, and really goes for everyone. From the Ebay scavengers, to movie stars that get to pick and choose from his whole collection.

    It's the same things over and over again: shoulders too strong, chest too big, sleeves too long, waist too suppressed. The cut just seems too unique, like they were all modeled after some person with very prominent features.

    So, to the main question, what kind of body do you need to have? (or better yet, what kind of bodies should avoid dumping that amount of cash on his suits)

    Especially in the shoulder/traps area.
    Should people with sloping and prominent traps just stay away?

    FWIW, I used to own a YSL suit from the TF days, and it suffered from the extreme waist suppression, built shoulders and painfully slim pants. Don't know how his own collection is compared to those though.

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    You can have my build.

    In general, I think you should be fit. Could be straight thin or a more athletic/muscular. At what point they become too extreme is hard to define right here.
    Also, not all Tom Ford suits and tuxedos are uber modern with blowout shoulders and waist suppression fit for Marie Antoinette in her tightest corset.

    If you hate all the roped shoulders, suppressed waists, etc. why are you interested in Ford?

    He is not about designing for the ugly or rather, ugly in physique since he can do nothing about our faces.
    But there are still farcical looks for proper bodies in his suits.

    Some models can look absurd on certain people especially when tailored to the extreme. Some are just fitted but not so modern.Look around. Personally, the biggest roadblock is the thigh of the trousers. Sometimes it is just too sausage like.

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    Yes...that is Tom Ford's point of view and he designs all of his clothing with that silhouette in mind.

    As for the fit, as mentioned above, you need to be average sized with a fairly slim waist. He isn't designing for the "average man," but rather for the athletic/fit/high end client. In womenswear, you wouldn't expect to see Marchesa in a size 14, would you?

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