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What is Styleforum Wearing: 9.11.2013


Darth Millennial
Dubiously Honored
Feb 10, 2009
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Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: Mr. Rodgers' cameo on Samurai Champloo

“I told you,” you say, “I don’t like pepperoncini.”

“Philistine,” says the sandwich man, “barbarian. Blasphemer.”

He looks genuinely pissed off, which is not what you expected during a discussion of sandwich condiments.

“I just don’t like the way they taste,” you say, trying to keep your manner light. He isn’t having it.

“This isn’t just a question of taste,” he says, with barely controlled rage. “You’re laughing in the face of tradition. You can’t order a grinder and request ‘no peppers.’ You don’t like the taste? Filth. Have you ever even tried one?”

“Of course I have,” you say, but it’s a lie. Your dark secret is that you think pepperoncini look like preserved lizard guts. You refused to try them when you were little, and it just sort of became habit, as so many things do. If you weren’t so stubborn, you might actually give one a shot, but these days you cling to your guns for no reason other than to have something to cling to.
The sandwich man seizes on something in your voice.

Liar,” he spits. “You’re afraid, aren’t you? Afraid it will be...spicy?” The venom leaves his voice, and he looks at you more closely. “Afraid. My God, you’re a mess. This goes deeper than pickled peppers, doesn’t it?”

He lays his hands on the counter for a moment, and shakes his head sadly. He grabs a scrap of paper and a pen, scribbles something, and hands it to you.

“My house,” he says, wagging a finger in your face, “dinner. Tonight.”

You’re as surprised by the change in his tone as you are by the invitation to dine at a stranger’s house, but as he shoos you out of the shop, you realize you’re smiling.

The Goods:

Sweater, Jeans: Patrik Ervell
Sneakers: Maison Martin Margiela

I like this kind of thing because it's more complex than it looks. What is it about these pieces that you think makes the outfit greater than the sum of its parts?

I think the 80's vibe emanating from this outfit is what makes it interesting and original. An objective of mine is wearing brands together in a way that we're not used to see them. When you hear "ervell sweater and jeans + mmm sneakers", you expect a slouchy sweater, cuffed trousers and simple shoes like MellowFellow and fisbhones would wear. While I wish I could pull that off, the reality is I don’t have the build, so I have to make some adjustments if I want to try out certain designers. That's why I went with baggier, unrolled pants and big-ass white sneakers.

Another entertaining point is the order in which we see the different pieces. When analyzing the picture from top to bottom, it will look similar to the traditional ervell look, with the added exception of the high tops. When you start from the bottom however, you first notice the huge white kicks and stonewashed jeans, which give off that 80's feel I was seeking. The slimmer, more modern fit up top stops this from being a full-fledged time travel and brings us back to the present day. I think it strikes a good balance between being wearable and an homage to that time period.

This is all from a guy who hasn't lived a single second in the era he was trying to emulate, so please take it with a grain of salt.



Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: The Pied Piper of Updated Workwear

“Man,” you say, sick with embarrassment. “What a disaster. What an unbelievably horrific experience.”

“Oh, come on. This kind of thing happens to everyone.”

“Yeah? It’s happened to you, too?”

“Well, no. But it could happen to anyone.”

To his credit, your friend hasn’t laughed at you once, instead doing his best to cheer you up. Just thinking about it makes you feel nauseous, but you have to get the whole story out.

“The worst part was when I took it out and drooled all over myself. Then I tried to, like, whip it over to the nightstand as fast as I could so that it wouldn’t get on everything, y’know? It just...went everywhere. I’m pretty sure it hit her in the face.”

Your friend groans softly, shaking his head.

“And then,” you say, “she asked if I was crying.”

“Hey,” he says, sounding upbeat “at the very least, it probably means you’re hydrating well, right? Plus, it’s not like you could have just left it in.”

“Really comforting,” you say.

Your friend opens his mouth, shuts it, grimaces, and then slaps you on the shoulder.

“Well, I think we’ve learned something from all of this. There’s just no way to look sexy while removing a retainer.”

The Goods:

Overshirt: Phenomenon
Shirt: Margaret Howell
Pants: Adam Kimmel x Carhartt
Shoes: Doc Martens

This is an interesting blend of brands that sort of exist on the fringes of forum consciousness. What draws you to the pieces you purchase?

My methodology for choosing what clothes to buy is to find stuff that occupies the intersection of the Venn Diagram sets of care and comfort. By care I mean it seems like the designer actually likes making clothes (and the clothes he or she makes). At the same time, being a 'casual' American I look for clothes that are genuinely comfortable both in cutting/material and in relation to my image/personality. Some designers whose work I like, for instance Rick Owens or Hedi Slimane, fulfill some of those criteria but not others which is probably the most important thing is have learned along my 'fashion journey'.

With regard to my interest in somewhat 'unknown' brands I'm not really sure what to say. Brands like Margaret Howell, Adam Kimmel, Yaeca, and Omnigod find my aforementioned intersection in a fun way. Hopefully more people get to enjoy them or at least get the chance to experience them in person.



Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

It’s been nine years since they arrived, in endless waves, from the gate that tore open in the space beyond Saturn. Nine years since you saw your wife. Nine years since your life ended.

Nine years since you put on the armor.

As the invaders built whatever the hell it is they’re still building in the ruins of your proud civilization, you ran and hid with the rest of humanity.

Now, lying on your back, staring up at the titanic exoskeleton of an alien monstrosity through the haze of combat stimulants and the shrieking crackle of your suit’s dying AI, all you feel is tired. The nightmare vision raises a massive, armored fist, preparing to crush you into the cold embrace of the infinite.

That’s when he appears, tearing through the smoke and rubble. Not running away, but streaking straight at you. You catch a glimpse of a battered exosuit from behind the hulking carapace of your enemy, a chiseled jaw set in a determined line, a ragged, bloodied headband. He bursts through the smoke and flame of your platoon’s shattered tech with maniacal, mechanostim-ehanced speed; he surges past the crater you made when the beast crushed you into the dirt before hurling you across the courtyard; past the broken remnants of your friends; past the sorry remains of your last stand.

He launches himself through the air, howling with rage, and smashes his naked fist into the exposed circuitry of the creature’s face with enough force to slam it into to the ground. It bounces once, dust rippling beneath it, and then all is still; silent but for the laughter of the fires that burn around you.

The man exhales, and then spins to face you, grinning. He shakes his fingers dramatically and grimaces.

“Yowch,” he says, in an easy drawl, “never really have gotten used to that.”

The Goods:

Jacket: Temple of Jawnz
Tees: American Apparel
Pants: Silent
Shoes: Invisible!

I love how lived-in everything in this photo looks. Is that something you aim for, or something that just...happens? Do you have items in your wardrobe you always come back to?

I first visited Styleforum about 7 years ago, I was very dead set on what sort of “style” I wanted even though at this point I was 16 years old and growing up in a suburban town that didn’t even have a GAP. For me there was an obvious “Classic Menswear” approach that consisted of the usual dressed up preppy look.

Eventually by virtue of simply being around so long I came to form opinions on what I liked and began to come back to the handful of pieces that have only gotten better with wear over time (solid leather boots, THE leather jacket, etc). In essence, it just sort of happens and I found that I naturally began to gravitate towards certain looks. In the beginning I thought I knew exactly what I had wanted out of clothing but now I just see things and either it just works or it doesn't and honestly, like a good joke, the more you try to explain why the more you ruin the fun of all of it.



Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: "They mostly come out at night...mostly"

“Can you imagine what would happen if they learned? Anarchy. Chaos. The destruction of the candy industry. Not to mention the absolute end of my private life.”

You venture a tentative response. “Would it really be so bad? You’d be very famous.”

The man scoffs at you, but it’s halfhearted.

“I mean, you could do shows and stuff. Imagine! The real Easter Bunny, live on stage! Can you sing?”

“Of course I can’t sing, you twit. I’m the goddamn Easter Bunny. I can do two things: turn into a bunny, and deliver eggs.”

“Yeah, what is it with the eggs?”

He puts his head in his hands. “I don’t know,” he says mournfully. “Every year with the eggs, millions of eggs, and nobody can tell me why. I carry the wretched things all over the world. Do you know how stressful that is? To have an absolute biological imperative to do something and not even know what the hell it means?”

“You could delegate,” you say, thinking. “There’s no reason this kind of work couldn’t be split up. There are more of you, right?”

“Oh, yes,” he says vacantly. “Lycanthropic rabbits are fairly common, actually. I’m just the ‘chosen one,’ whatever that means.”

“Well, you could charge for appearances, and hire a workforce so that you could focus solely on your favorite places, stress-free. Think of it as a yearly vacation instead – you’d be a global ambassador!”

The man looks up at you, and for the first time you notice the lines on his face. Not a terrifying shape-shifting creature with unthinkable power, but just a tired old man. Er, bunny.

“Do you think that would work?” he asks, sounding hopeful.

“It sounds,” you say, “like you need an agent.”

The Goods:

Coat, Belt: Corneliani
Shirt: Barba
Pocket Square: Simonnot-Godard
Pants: Incotex
Shoes: Crockett and Jones

You're one of the more recent members to check out what's happening on this side of the wall. Was there something about this outfit that felt like streetwear to you? Or was it a case of simple curiosity? Is there any overlap between the way you usually dress and the SW+D subforum?

IIRC, I initially came to SF to read up on quality dress shoes, custom shirts and how a suit should fit, but I've found that lurking SW&D has broadened my horizon and helped me appreciate stuff for being well executed, even when it doesn't precisely match my personally preferred aesthetics. I'm not sure how I usually dress (suede chukkas or CC sneakers, dark denim, a t-shirt and a Baracuta or maybe a knit and a Barbour) would be particularly interesting to SW&D (or anyone), so I'm usually only getting pics when I've put in a bit more of an effort. And while I don't believe this fit is 'streetwear', I enjoy SW&D's ability to be open minded about the occasional cross pollination and I welcome the different view and honest critique you can get there.
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Uncle Nephew
Feb 25, 2009
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can you star yourself in one of these lol


Timed Out
Timed Out
Dec 27, 2012
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these are orders of magnitude more interesting than the other predictable and repetitive features. synthese should be commissioned to document pseudo-biographical narratives of designers rather than listen to them drone on as they do in all other interviews about the same questions.

that's my opinion anyway ...


Thumb Raider
May 5, 2007
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can you star yourself in one of these lol

I would volunteer to write it. It would be nowhere near as good, and would not contain words like "Lycanthropic," but if people wanted to vote on or submit their favorite recent Synth fit, I would be willing to take a stab at it. I would have to wait until the next time I am sick and delirious from having a fever at 3am and after watching "Videodrome" enough times that I couldn't remember how many times it had been. Then I'd write something.

noob in 89

Stylish Dinosaur
Dec 28, 2010
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But then the ostensible and actual subjects would be the same. The forum would explode.
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Lionheart Biker

Distinguished Member
Sep 24, 2011
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I think this has my favourite one. Fantastic writing as always :)

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