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Feb 10, 2009
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Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: The well-mannered supervillain that you desperately root for.

“And then I told him, ‘You might be a King, but tonight you’re the asshole!’”

The man in the suit roars with laughter, nearly spilling his drink on the gem-inlaid globe in the center of his study.

“And I haven’t been back to Cambodia since,” he continues. “The King got a kick out of it, but apparently his people frown upon drinking games. He gave me this fabric as a gift before I left the impenetrable jungles that hide the city, though.” He gestures to a box, and you peer down at its silvery contents.

“Moon-Plaid, they called it,” he says, sober now, “fabled for its luminescence. Harvested from the beautiful plaid-flowers of the lost kingdom of Funan, and spun under a full moon some seven centuries ago - didn’t know what I had until I got home with it and showed it to a collector. You should have seen his face when I told him I was having it made into a suit!” he says, chuckling.

He checks his watch and tosses back his drink. “But that’s all past history, and I’d hate to bore you.” He closes the box and you follow him out, past a half-open door at the back of the study. He shuts it as you pass, but not before you catch a glimpse of a sprawling room, packed with dusty boxes of all shapes and sizes. He winks at you.

“Come, we’ve somewhere to be – it doesn’t do to keep a lady waiting, and Her Majesty takes tea early on Wednesdays.”

The Goods:

Suit - Sims & MacDonald
Shirt - Budd
Tie - Vanda Fine Clothing (made extra-long & a little wider by Gerald just for me)
Square - E. Marinella
Hat – Christy’s of London

While you play with a whole host of color, pattern and suiting combinations, you never seem to lose your look. Tell us what goes through your head when you get dressed.

Most mornings I look through the fog of my hangover; a whiskey-induced tepid death or a level of suffering only possible through the drinking of too much red wine. Once my eyes can focus again, I try to think if there is any event in the day that requires some level of formality. If there is some reason to stick to a dress code; a wedding, an opening or other such event, then the restrictions often bring out a more elegant or refined combination.

Most of the Englishmen I see are grim and dour and done up in black. What inspired you to go the opposite direction?

Most Englishmen in the street only wear tailored clothing for work. In an effort to differentiate myself from their dull, joyless work suits, I usually gravitate towards an ensemble that demonstrates that my choice of clothing is for my own edification and not a work requirement. This usually means that I throw a few too many patterns together. Whilst the combinations my hung-over mind manages to put together are not for everyone, I am certain they are for me. I am happily surprised by the positive reactions they receive.



Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: Suck on that fedora tilt, Bugsy

“Most people don’t even notice when the door appears,” says the bartender, spinning a glass in his hands. “They just trudge on by, staring at the pavement.”

Until today, that was you. Head down, eyes always on the same swathe of concrete, the piss and vinegar beaten out of you by countless years alone in the city and hundreds of hours spent at an office you hate.

Until today, when the tinkling of a piano and a half-open grey door you had never seen before dared you to descend twenty steps into a place you didn’t know existed. There’s a young couple in a corner booth, intent on footsie and fizzy drinks. Their giggles come bubbling up over the quiet melody of the piano, and it reminds you of how it felt to be young and in love. You find yourself admiring the bold pinstripes and bellicose lapels of the barkeep’s suit, feeling underdressed in your office-grey two-piece – underdressed, and unfulfilled.

“What’ll it be?” asks the bartender, setting the pristine glass on a rack behind him.

“No idea,” you say, trying to think of the last time you had something that didn’t taste like a melted jolly rancher.

“I gotta bring my friends here,” you continue, as he pours you something intricate that you could swear involved an egg.

“Oh, you won’t be back,” he says, smiling gently. “Rather, we won’t. This place only shows up when people really need it, you see. So, drink up. Tomorrow’s a new day.”

The Goods:

Suit, hat: Custom

Tell us a little bit about what you wear, and when you started wearing it. How important are hats to your every-day style?

I have always been attracted to the pristine elegance of the Anglo-American Style during the 1930's. Bold, sleek, and refined, the Aesthetics of the Art Deco Era embody my ideals of beauty, civility, and the Art of Living. I believe a gentleman should dress to express, not to impress. I ordinarily wear Double-Breasted lounge suits in the "English Drape" silhouette with tall full crown fedoras. In my personal experience a hat is the only article of clothing that becomes a soulful self-extension of the wearer; a direct expression of one's personal intricacies, and a symbol of individual character. I wear a teardrop-creased crown with "reverse taper." I believe this embodies a regal and tastefully supreme aura. All of my fedoras are in a blue-grey colour which is timelessly classic.



Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: “Don’t even think about touching my pony”

“Not yellow, you idiot.” You’re not sure why the florist is so angry about yellow roses. You’ve stopped at the gardens on a whim, thinking that you’d get some flowers for your first first date in a long time.

“She likes yellow, though” you say, “It’s her favorite color.”
“You want her to like you, right? Don’t buy her yellow roses.”

“How about pink, then? She likes pink, too. Red just seems so boring.”

The man nods, thinking. “Pink is better, I suppose, but not quite what you want.”

“What, then?” you ask, starting to feel exasperated. “A rose is a rose, right?”

He looks at you and you decide to shut up.

“Obviously, you know nothing, so I suppose I’ll educate you.” He turns, beckoning you into the garden.

You’re entranced, taking in the flowers, wandering the meandering paths pocked with rabbit holes, admiring the ancient stone walls - until you get an angry text message from your date asking where the hell you are, and you realize that you’ve spent the last three hours ignoring your life in favor of absorbing absolutely useless archaic information with a complete stranger.

Totally worth it. Now you just need to find another date.

The Goods:

Jacket, shirt, trousers: Bespoke
Tie: Gant x Michael Bastian
Shoes: Loake

You're one of the more "playful" CM acolytes, in terms of both color and texture. How do you manage to stay interested while working within your wardrobe restrictions?

Characterizing my style as playful might be a misconception created through the few images I post on this board or my childish sense of humour. Usually you will find me wearing conservative suits with monotone shirts and soporific ties, i.e. German conservative business dress (Why else would I have 64 solid-coloured shirts?). Only on Fridays and weekends - if then - you might catch me in the act of dressing playfully, maybe in bright orange gomminos or a burgundy cashmere suit. These are usually the only outfits that I personally deem interesting enough to share with this community.

Until I find my own style, I'll be experimenting within the restrictions laid upon me by my workplace rather than my wardrobe. Since I've not only been blessed with a divine body, everlasting beauty and heavenly, angelic hair, but also the gift of being freakishly tall, I have to get most of my clothing custom anyway, essentially giving me myriad possibilities to express myself, only limited to the capabilities of my tailors.



Original WAYWT post here


What this looks like: The kind of guy you wish you could hate

“Like this?” your daughter asks, holding out a piece of lettuce on a flat palm. The giraffe reaches its long neck over the fence and gently takes the leaf in its mouth, munching happily. You haven’t been to the zoo in years, and you’d forgotten how much fun it could be.

“Very good!” says the man with the polka-dot scarf. He’s holding an ice cream cone in his left hand, a head of lettuce in his right. He hands your daughter the lettuce and she laughs in delight, passing more tidbits over the fence. For a while the man stands next to you, telling you about the diet and eating habits of the towering ungulates.

“Wow, you sure know a lot about feeding giraffes,” you say, admiring the calm way he reaches up and scratches the giant animal behind the horns. “Are you one of the trainers?”

“No, I just have a lot of practice,” he says, a giant purple tongue snaking out from his mouth and wrapping around his ice cream cone.

The Goods:

Jacket: silk/wool - (10 year old?) Pal Zileri, altered
Shirt: Thomas Mason linen - Ettemadis bespoke
Scarf: linen/wool/silk - Franco Bassi
PS: Thomas Mason cotton - made by Mrs NOBD from generous fabric-leftover-gift from Ettemadis (see shirt)
Chinos: cotton twill - Suitsupply
Socks: cotton - Falke
Shoes: suede! - Loake Kempton

Your DIY projects are the stuff of Styleforum legend. Has having such a hands-on approach to clothing changed what you wear, and the way you wear it?

The real work of the DIY projects is of course done by Mrs NOBD. I come up with ideas, like using the fabric of an old suit for a coat for my daughter, but she is the one who knows what to do with a needle and some thread. I don't even know how to sew on a button... I do know how to push a button, however (excuse the pun bridge), and I really enjoy photography, so documenting a project is a fun thing to do for me. And hopefully the result is a fun thing for people to read.

I don't think it changed what I wear. I like simple stuff – nice fabrics, textures, colours (as long as they're blue, brown or grey...). I'm not interested in expressing my world view through what I wear anymore. Or let people know what music I prefer, like in my student years in the nineties when I often wore band T shirts (Living Colour, Primus!), in combination with quite a lot of black stuff, and a pony tail of course.
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Jan 18, 2010
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Lionheart Biker

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Sep 24, 2011
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Day by day I am more in awe of your writing...


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Nov 24, 2008
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Another great write up


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May 13, 2009
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Cheers, I love it. :satisfied:


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Mar 30, 2010
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Great stuff.


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May 3, 2010
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Guy who looks like he's gonna shoot me with a tommy gun: Tibor
Guy who looks like he's gonna tell Tibor to shoot me with that tommy gun: TTO

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