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What does men prevent of buying and wearing capes today ?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Whitepigeon, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    Post scriptum :

    One problem "cape - hesitating men" or "cape - liking men" have to confront if they want to integrate the cape in their garderobe,
    is that - according to my opinion - there are too little examples in the media or on the internet
    for men how to combine in a tasteful way a cape with other clothes.

    I do not know if its you on the Avatar
    but if it so and you are a person who likes to wear for example a tuxedo,
    then let me give you an example how to combine this on the classical way with a cape :


    Now do call me old fashioned but personally I do not think
    this is an example of an eccentric old man or
    a young man who is ridiculous because he is "trying too hard".

    My opinion : a wonderful combination and an example of an extremely well dressed young man.
  2. add911_11

    add911_11 Senior member

    Jun 3, 2010
    I will wear one if my tailor knows how to make a proper one with good rainy fabric

    Actaully I think wearing a cape would be more comfortable to wear a raincoat, and serves a better purpose.
  3. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    The best one I have is made from rubberized black cotton.
    I bougth it several years ago in Germany.
    But this shop is no longer available.

    Nowadays they produce also rubberized satin.
    I think it comes from Thailand.
    ( You can use it with glance or without : just reverse it)
    It is a good ligth fabric which can be used for raincapes
    but if you should like this, you will have to do some searchwork.

    Probably your taylor knows how to make a cape.
    If not : patterns are available on the internet.

    Its up to you what length you like.
    And think about how you like to use it.

    If its only for walking the most stylish and elegant one (gentlemanlike)
    is the longer and wider version.
    Capes for men distinguish themselves from women's capes
    because they are longer and wider made.

    My raincape is 1.50 mtrs length and has a seamlength of six meters.
    Because I use bags at the back of my bike, I can also use it by cycling.

    But there are also special (short) capes (poncholike ) for cycling.
    Google with "cycling" and "bike" and you will find the shop who is specialised in these short cycle- capes in London.

    Finally : Ebay ( "raincape" or the german word "regencape") migth offer also results :
    You can find there raincapes of artificial leather or lack.
    I would personally go for one made of rubberized cotton or satin : much ligther.

    A raincoat migth be in some ways more practical
    but personally I do agree a raincape is far more pleasant in use.
    I wish you good luck in finding one
  4. dirkweems

    dirkweems Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2011
    A couple of things:

    1) Whitepigeon has 49 of the 103 previous posts. I don't think I've ever seen a thread starter as passionate or committed to his cause. Now we know...you care about capes.

    2) Henceforth, I will address PT Williams as Sir Williams. You sir, are a diamond geez. A true legend.
  5. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    I just brougth al my capes to the Salvation Army because I do not want to be any longer ridiculous.
    I was quite surprised to see that the men there were figthing for it.
    Now do I start to be really a little SF or a weird old fool........?
    Call me old - fashioned..........But anyway, thanks for the compliment!
  6. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    When wearing a cape : how to use it like a gentleman ?

    Here some instructions of the House of Sesena in Madrid :

  7. Holdfast

    Holdfast Senior member

    Mar 10, 2006
    You know, I really like the idea of a cape. Partly it's because I love and own long & billowy overcoats anyway, despite being fairly short, and a cape isn't all that different (it's just turned the same effect turned up to 11) and partly because I like reading both history and science-fiction and of course capes are pretty common throughout both. I also have no particular aversion to borrowing things I like from geeky subcultures (in this case, a little light steampunk cosplay) and don't about any residual stigma from that (hey, I have a Doraemon tie I still wear occasionally, so...).

    Having said all that, I do think that capes look extraordinarily affected in modern life. Though perhaps the day/decade isn't all that far away when a normal suit and tie is also viewed as very affected, so the difference between that and a cape may then lessen.

    I'm fortunate enough to live in a city with a rich architectural, historical and cultural setting that makes it a little more acceptable to look and behave eccentrically. That already gives me and some of my friends a lot of slack to dress a bit differently to the average person, something I enjoy exploiting. So I wouldn't rule a cape out forever. But I do think I need a few more grey hairs to complement the look! I certianly think that the only places where a cape would look feel remotely tolerable to me personally is in a city with a lot of age/history, and even then, only in the nicer parts of it and the rest of your outfit has to complement it in quality and formality.

    If I was buying one, Capas Sesena (also mentioned above) seems the way to go: their men's website (the Clasica in black/burgundy or black/black look great), and a Telegraph article on them from a couple of years ago. A cheap cape is a dreadful idea; an expensive cape may still be one, but at least it has a chance of being luxuriously so. An way into wearing them would be to wear one for black tie occasions in the colder months and then gradually try wearing it with a very formal suit and tie on colder days, and see how thing progress from there. And of course, any role or setting where you where the opinion of people who you may encounter matters (as opposed to that of the friends you're meeting), would not be a wise place to experiment with capes! :)
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
  8. F. Corbera

    F. Corbera Senior member

    Sep 30, 2010
    This will blow your minds, but a poncho is a cape for the back and the front.

  9. Fraiche

    Fraiche Senior member

    Sep 4, 2010
    Why would anyone want to wear something that hideous? They never looked stylish in the first place.

    The only time capes look cool is on Superman and Batman. They even make Dracula look dorky, imo.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
  10. 3dials

    3dials Senior member

    May 10, 2011
    Atlanta, GA

    What? I don't own a Rolex. And even if I did, I would wager that I would have more occasion to wear it than a cape. You know, in the real world.
  11. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    Thanks for your feedback

    I agree : as long as you are in a dependent position from the opinion of others,
    it is not wise to experiment with attention - drawing fashion.
    In the worst case you migth get excluded or fired !

    So despite of the fact that the cape is to my opinion a wonderful fashion - item,
    I would not go for wearing it in that type of situations.
    ( Fortunately I personally do not have to work anymore : this gives a lot more freedom in all kinds of ways !)

    For those who still have to work it is another case.
    What remains for them are the occasions you described or/and freetime and holidays to have fashion-try outs.

    I did my fashion try outs with capes and so far the good news I can tell is
    that I did not had any negative response nor negative feedback.
    On the contrary : people liked it and even oher men
    gave compliments and asked me where they could buy one.

    Fear is not always a good thread to follow and - in the case of wearing a cape -
    men migth suffer more from the idea they think they will suffer
    then practically will be the case or will be the reality.

    I do not have a Sesena cape.
    May be one day I will buy one.
    I am sure it must be good quality
    and it is surrounded by a flavour of luxury.

    For the type of environment you describe ( black tie occassions / an old city center with a rich culture)
    this cape will certainly work when combined in the rigth (gentlemanlike) tasteful way.
    This is because it is a black classical cape with a pelerine.
    I think they look more conservative than capes in other colours and capes without pelerine.

    Are there capes available with a more contemporary, less conservative look ?

    Yes there are.
    Have a look at the new capes the designers from today designed.(See profile pictures)

    They offer - according to my opinion - more possibilities to wear capes also outside the contexts you describe.

    Conclusion : Capes without a pelerine are - according to my taste - more timeless and less conservative
    than the ones with pelerine.

    Than the colour migth do also something.

    Black capes are timeless but are mostly seen as a traditional fashion - item
    and belonging to a conservative style of dressing.
    Nothing wrong with that by the way.
    I do like it.

    But capes are now also available in all kinds of colours,
    which makes other interesting combinations possible,
    also more casual (-style) ones.

    But you are rigth : do your fashionexperiments not it in your boss'time
    Stay - as long as you are dependent from others - on the safe side !
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
  12. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    Allrigth, allrigth my dear fellow, I apologise for accusing you for having a rolex watch.
    Had this been the case by the way, I would wager a cape would work wonderfully fine with it.
    But tastes may differ allright ?
  13. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    Come on, excuse me for saying so, but your ideas reallly need a little update :

    1. Did it not occur at all to you that all kinds of famous fashion - designers for men have capes in their program now ?

    Ofcourse you may keep them for not stylish.
    That is okay to me, everyone has the rigth to have his own taste.

    But personally I do think that If capes did not look stylish,
    the designers would not spend their energy on it.

    Did it never occur to you by the way that long coats are as hideous as capes ?
    Nothing wrong with that ofcourse because it also serves a purpose :
    It will keep you warm on winterdays.

    The same is true for capes.
    But capes are usually wider than coats and
    - I have to admit it stays a matter of taste- ,
    I personally do think that fact is part of its elegance.

    Capes migth be hideous in your vision,
    but there are also men (I do for instance )
    who think that they are very stylish and elegant.
    I think it is a marvellous piece of clothing.

    Than I have good news for you :

    2. You do not need to be any longer today first Batman or Superman before being allowed to wear a cape.
    The good news is : ordinary men like you are now also allowed to do so.

    There migth even be a chance that your girl friend or wife is deligthed by the idea of seeing you wearing a cape.
    Since women are more fashionable, have better taste and are less frigthened and less conservative in this way than men.

    Probably you have not ever even tried once did you ?

    So why not postpone your judgement a little ?
    Perhaps you should allow yourself this pleasure and if - after that - you still say you do not like capes
    I fully belief you and respect you.

    So have your try - out and enjoy it.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2012
  14. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    Do call me old fashioned but I do not think it makes the conversation and the mutual understanding easier to mingle the two different fashion items.
  15. dirkweems

    dirkweems Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2011
    The Cape Spectrum
    1) Hate them, will absolutely not wear them. Would likely burn them. Would perhaps even set fire to them whilst on the shoulders of someone else.
    2) indifferent. Couldn't give a dingo's arse about who wears them or why. What's a cape?
    3) Forced. Lawyers in some countries. Staff at theme parks. Actors. When part of a ghilli suit. (it got the job done)
    4) interested. Would notice and appreciate a cape that is worn well.
    5) Experimental. Fashion forward people who tend to give anything a go. Can be confused with hipsters or people that try too hard.
    6) Fetishists. Wearing, writing about or discussing capes leads to heightened arousal and pleasure. Sometimes aided by voluntary participants who believe they are part of an innocuous conversation but in reality are obliging players in the game/fantasy.

    Whitepigeon, what is your agenda here? I think people don't wear capes because they just don't wear capes. Enjoy wearing yours. At some pointsin the future, more people will wear capes...enjoy that time, and at some point, even fewer people will wear capes. C'est la vie.
  16. Elegantly Wasted

    Elegantly Wasted Senior member

    May 30, 2011

    Whitepigeon's scale is more simple:

    1) Those who don't run to agree with Whitepigeon. (cape HATERS)
    6) Whitepigeon. (champion of the caped world)

  17. Hayward

    Hayward Senior member

    Jul 31, 2011

  18. yywwyy

    yywwyy Senior member

    May 8, 2011
    Wow... you really love capes. Now that they've gone out of fashion for a very long time (in terms of fashion), capes can look good in movies and certainly with a combination of attire to match. To dress that way is impractical for most people, not to mention that it looks very eccentric (This will be bad for most situations), regardless of its elegance or perceived beauty. And the way you wear a cape-- it just looks really out of place. It yells "I have a cape fetish" instead of displaying what you seem to want to portray. No matter how much you love capes, it is undeniable that elegance in menswear integrates looking natural. Instead of blending well with your outfit, surrounding, and your activities in the photos, the cape makes you look like comical in my eyes. You may think we simply have different tastes, but I think one must be able to distinguish "bad taste" and a "good sense." This is an important reason for certain designers being widely popular, being able to "bring in" certain fads to fashion by pleasing a sense of beauty that many people share (that is not an easy thing to do).

    Anyway, I think that if you like capes so much, you should study it with the intent to make it look natural with an everyday, practical outfit. Who knows, one day, you may become a trendsetter yourself. But don't try to reason why people don't seem to accept it for how you're wearing it-- it's pointless.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
  19. sportin_life

    sportin_life Senior member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Seattle, WA
    I think capes would be great if they were more functional. I would love one with built in body armor or that can double as a hang glider or floatation device.
  20. Whitepigeon

    Whitepigeon Senior member

    Jul 11, 2012
    For the birds ? Are you serious my dear fellow ? I thougth only for monkeys...........!
    (Love your Avatar by the way )

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