what does it mean to get a shirt taken in 2 inches?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by derpman90, Nov 19, 2015.

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    Hi - I recently got into the slim-fit look so I took my shirts to the tailor and he told me to get them all taken in 2inches. He had a huge waiting list so I took my stuff to another tailor and just told him to take them in 2 inches...he asked if that meant 1 inch from each side or 2 inches from each side...I shouldve just tried it on again for him but i was in a rush and not thinking so i just said take 2 from each side...is that what my first tailor would call 2 inches or 4?


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    We can only guess, but usually "taking in 2 inches" means total, not from each side. So your instructions would be a change of 4 inches, which is a pretty big change. In addition, just telling a tailor to "take 2 inches" off a shirt leaves out the question of WHERE the change should be made. It's more typical that a shirt will need more taken off one part (e.g. the waist) than another (e.g. the chest). 

    You should contact the tailor who has your shirts and ask him to hold off on making any alterations. You need to try the shirts on in person for him and have him pin up the shirts with you wearing them. Otherwise there is a significant chance you will end up with a very unsatisfactory outcome. Your tailor will probably cut off the excess fabric so you will not be able to let the shirts back out.
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    "Two inches" refers to the overall circumference, (in this case in the waist): this means one inch on either side.

    Two inches on either side is likely to be very, very tight.

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