What color shoes with black v-neck sweater?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by lvrpl, Jan 4, 2016.

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    May 16, 2010
    I've got what's probably a dumb question - what color shoes would you wear with a black v-neck sweater in an office? For context, I wear wool trousers (various shades of gray/charcoal would be with the black sweater) and button-up dress shirts (typically BB or something like that). My shoe choices at this point are bourbon AE Fifth Avenues, black AE Park Avenues, or walnut AE Strands.

    Do I have a shoe that can make this all work? Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Nov 13, 2012
    No, you only have suit shoes.

    I wouldn't wear a black v-neck sweater, because A) I look cadaverous in black, and B) I schvitz about wearing black with brown, and I don't own many black shoes that aren't suit shoes.

    I'd wear the same shoes I normally wear with casual rigs: monkstraps, derbys, chelsea boots, loafers, but in black. You could try doing tan shoes, if you wanted, but it would be a bold choice. TBH, dark navy is your friend instead of black, for the sweater.

    But, really, if your typical attire doesn't involve coat and tie, it would be a bit more elegant to have some slightly less formal shoes. There's this 2010s mania for wearing balmoral oxfords with casual gear* that will age about as well as that '80s love for moccasin loafers with suits.

    *I'll do it sometimes, if I feel like it. But I'm more willing to wear balmorals with jeans (deliberate and knowing clash) than I am to wear them with trousers and a sweater.
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    What color shoes to wear will tend to depend much more on what color pants you're wearing, than on the color of your sweater.

    Since you're wearing grey/charcoal pants, your black Park Avenues are a good color choice.

    Whether they work in terms of formality is very much another question, and one which YRR92 touched upon.

    Neither tan, nor bourbon, are shoe color choices I'd suggest in this case.

    This having been said, I'm sure there are people on SF who will maintain that charcoal pants and tan shoes look great together, simply because there's no idea which some people on SF won't support as looking good, and often they'll even have a picture of some pop culture icon wearing the look in question. Although he probably won't be working in an office while wearing it.

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