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What brands populate your closet?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by kronik, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. mljones99

    mljones99 Senior member

    Aug 13, 2007
    Billy Reid, Burberry, Thomas Pink, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren
  2. dirk diggler

    dirk diggler Senior member

    Mar 12, 2006
    In the Lou
    I am surprised not an eric glennie among the bunch. what is wrong with you people??[​IMG]
  3. aportnoy

    aportnoy Senior member Dubiously Honored

    Mar 10, 2006
    Suits - Raphael, Shattuck, Barbera, Castangia, Isaia, RLPL, Brioni, Saint Andrews, Kiton, Belvest, Cifonelli
    Sportcoats - Barbera, Brioni, Isaia, Boglioli, Zegna, RLPL, Pal Zileri Sartoriale, Saint Andrews, Belvest, Cifonelli, Zegna Napoli Coture
    Trousers - Barbera, Incotex, Oxxford, Valentini, Borrelli, RLPL, Paul Stuart "Phineas", Pal Zileri Sartoriale, Brioni, Malo, Cividini, Cucinelli
    Shirts - Geneva Bespoke, Borrelli,, Kiton, Lorenzini, Charvet, Fianmore, Truzzi, Barba, Fray, Loro Piana, H&K
    Sweaters- Avon Celli, Loro Piana, Malo, Cucinelli, Ballantyne, Zegna, Cruciani, Cividini, Fedeli, Della Ciana
    Knit shirts and polos - Lacoste, Cruciani, Smedley, RLPL, Barbera
    Outerwear - Barbera, Loro Piana, Valstar, Barbour, Ruffo, Seraphin, La Matta, Brioni, Zegna, Longhi, Schiatti, Arnys, Zegna, Schneiders, Moncler
    Overcoat/Raincoat - Burberry, Allegri, Turist
    Dress shoes - Vass, Edward Green, Grenson Masterpieces, Lobb, Santoni, St. Crispin's, Martegani, Alden, Scafora Bespoke, Fenestrier, Weston, Carmina
    Casual shoes - Paraboot, Tods
    Ties - Barbera, Kiton, Brioni, Borrelli, Charvet, Breuer, Nicky, Isaia, Loro Piana, Holliday&Brown, Drake's, Sam Hober, Vacca, Mimo Spano, Zegna Napoli Couture
    Socks - Pantherella, Paul Stuart, Bresciani,Gallo
    Belts/Braces - Trafalgar, Longhi, Orciani, Thurston
  4. Material Boy

    Material Boy Senior member

    Sep 2, 2004
    Suits: Kiton, Brioni, Luciano Barbera, Dunhill, Canali, Isaia, Canali, Versace, Armani, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Ralph Lauren Blue Label, Donna Karan New York Black Label, Donna Karan Gold Lable

    Sportscoast: Luciano Barbera, Isaia, Versace, Armani, Ralph Lauren (Black and Blue Labels)

    Shirts: Kiton, Cesare Attolini, Stefano Ricci, Fray, Borrelli, Finamore, Versace, Armani, Zegna, Barba, Ralph Lauren (Purple, Black & Blue), Loro Piana, Avon Celli, Lorenzini

    Trousers: Oxxford, Kiton, Borrelli, Attolini, Incotex, Zanella, Luciano Barbera, Ralph Lauren (Purple, Black and Blue), Zegna, Cucinelli, Avon Celli

    Sweaters: Avon Celli, Loro Piana, Kiton, Malo, Cucinelli, Luciano Barbera, Brioni, Ralph Lauren (Purple, Black, and Blue). Ballyntyne, Armani, Donna Karan New York Gold Label, Sulka, Brioni

    Shoes: Allan Edmonds, Ralph Lauren Purple and Blue Labels, Ferrogamo, Bally, Bruno Magli, Borrelli

    Leather Jackets: Loro Piana, Armani, Ralph Lauren (purple, black, and blue), Avon Celli

    Of course, I need five closets to store over 200 cashmere sweaters, 25 leather jackets.....
  5. GusW

    GusW Senior member Dubiously Honored

    Sep 18, 2007
    Shirts-mostly Borrelli and Kiton
    Jackets - Barbera and Isaia
    Suits - Barbera, Isaia, Prada
    Shoes - Lobb, Berluti, Mantelassi,
    Pants - Cucinelli
    Sweaters - Cucinelli
    Jeans - Levis LVC
    Casual Shirts and pants - RRL
  6. KBW

    KBW Senior member

    Sep 17, 2007
    Novato, CA
    Suits/Sportcoats: Oxxford, Brooks Brothers (will have more shortly as I graduate next semester and will need many more...with my build I almost have to go the custom route)
    Shirts: Ben Silvers, Geneve, Brooks Brothers, Kiton (just got my first), RL Polo, several others that I can't think of from the local men's store
    Jackets/Coats: RLPL, J Crew, Mountain Hardware, North Face (the outdoors jackets are for when I'm hiking or snowboarding)
    Shoes: Tod's, Born, Allen Edmonds, Johnston and Murphy, Nike, New Balance, Asics (I run/workout daily)
    Khakis/trousers: Bills, J-Crew, Vineyard Vines, RLPL, RL Polo, Mountain Khakis
    Sweaters: RLPL, Peter Millar, J-Crew, Brooks Brothers, Dior, etc
    Ties: RLPL, Ben Silvers
  7. acidboy

    acidboy Senior member

    Mar 13, 2006
    I wonder what Eric Glennie's brands of choice are
  8. HomerJ

    HomerJ Senior member

    Aug 29, 2007
    Dress clothing, I have a basic wardrobe. Suits, Sportcoats, Overcoat: Hickey Freeman, Corneliani, RL Polo, Canali Shirts: RL Polo, Brooks Brothers Ties: almost entirely thrifted, several Talbott, Lanvin, BB; various others Shoes: Allen Edmonds Casual clothing. Shirts: RL Polo, Brooks Brothers Jeans: various nondesigner Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Johnston & Murphy, Puma, Nike Jackets: Burberry, Mountain Hardwear, Cole Haan
  9. RJman

    RJman Senior member Dubiously Honored

    Dec 10, 2004
    In the not too distant future
    Henri Piscine
    Baron le Chat Mort
    Paysan Ruse
    Edouard le Vert
  10. rach2jlc

    rach2jlc Senior member Dubiously Honored

    Mar 14, 2006
    Baron le Chat Mort
    He was always my favorite character in "A la recherche du chat perdu."
    I wonder what Eric Glennie's brands of choice are
    I must admit I'm curious, too... although I'm sure he'll say, "I wear only my own designs, because there is no innovation in menswear and I'm a true innovator visionary."
  11. Neo1824

    Neo1824 Senior member

    Nov 23, 2006
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Shirts: Borrelli, Brioni, Barba, Loro Piana, Boss, Armani, Express
    Pants: Brioni, Boss, Loro Piana, Incotex, Banana Republic
    Shoes: C&J, John Lobb, Alden, Sutor, Tods
    Suits/Jackets: Brioni, Borrelli, Armani, Boss
  12. eddievddr10

    eddievddr10 Senior member

    Mar 23, 2006
    ding! ding! ding!
    suits: dior homme, isaia, etro, cloak, dsquared, martin margiela, gucci, ysl rive gauche, prada, paul smith,louis vuitton
    sportsjackets: dior homme, ysl rive gauche, kiton, costume national, thom browne, dolce and gabbana, versace couture, paul smith
    shirts:dior homme, kiton, isaia, etro, valentino, rlpl, prada, ysl rive gauche, cloak, margiela, gucci, brioni, balenciaga, dsquared, cucinelli, borrelli, varvatos, t&a, gossuin, richard james, dolce and gabbana, fray, ferragamo, paul smith, theory, steven alan, raf simons,zegna, burberry, hermes, band of outsiders, thom browne, spencer hart etc

    ties every highend or trendy
    brand imaginable

    shoes:dsquared, dior homme,veronique branquinho, harris, prada, barker black, ysl rive gauche, gucci, dolce and gabbana, zegna, hermes, louis vuitton

    pants: dolce and gabbana, dior homme, zara, etro, burberry prorsum, john varvatos, costume national, ferragamo etc

    outerwear:dior homme, moncler, cloak, zara, armani exchange, spencer hart

    belts: dior homme, gucci, ferragamo, hermes, cesare paccioti

    tees jeans: ksubi, costume national, dior homme, dsquared, chrome hearts, ever, margiela, varvatos, cloak,helmut lang etc

    sweaters: malo, varvatos, dolce and gabbana, energie, margiela, dior homme, cloak, alessandro dell'acqua, ysl rive gauche etc whew i mustve left out alot this is pretty off hand.[​IMG]
  13. Canberraman

    Canberraman Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2006
    Brisbane, Australia
    Jackets: Brioni, Polo, Gant, Boss, DKNY.

    Pants: Brioni, Paul and Shark, Paul Smith, Incotex, Boss, Gherardeschi, Reporter, Zegna Sport, Polo, Gant.

    Sweaters: Polo, Gant.

    Shoes: AE, Tods, Paolo de Ponte, Fratelli Rosetti, Lacoste, Puma, Gola, Florsheim.

    Shirts: Paul Smith, Boss, Poggiante, Ben Sherman, Country Road and Sportscraft (both Aus).

    Suits: none I'm willing to fess up to on this forum...
  14. MilanoStyle

    MilanoStyle Senior member

    Apr 22, 2004
    Suits/Sportscoats: Borrelli, Brioni, Isaia, Zegna, Canali, Corneliani, and Armani.
    Dress Slacks: Borrelli, Hugo Boss, Armani, Incotex, and Zara.
    Dress Shirts: Jantzen, Borrelli, Barba, Finamore, Hugo Boss, and Canali.
    Ties: Too many to list.
    Dress Shoes: Crockett & Jones, Santoni FAM, Edward Green, Certo, Zara, and Bruno Magli Platinum Collection.
    Over coats: Zara, H&M, and Hugo Boss.
    Casual Tops: Elvis & Jesus, Zara, H&M, Hugo Boss, and Holisters
    Jeans: Nudies, PD, and Hugo Boss.
  15. Medvald

    Medvald Active Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Suits: Anderson&Sheppard, Zegna Couture MTM, Zegna MTM
    Sports Jackets: Rubinacci, A&S, Zegna MTM, Armani MTM
    Shirts: H&K, T&A bespoke, Zegna MTM, Zegna couture MTM
    Trousers: Zegna MTM, Oxxford, Cordings
    Raincoats: Aquascutum
    Overcoats: Chester Barrie, Burberry, YSL
    Ties: Zegna Couture, Kiton, Marinella, Borelli, Kilgour
    Shoes: Edward Green, John Lobb, Tods
    Hats: Lock & Co
  16. Hugo

    Hugo Senior member

    Aug 6, 2007
    Somewhere in Sweden.
    Edit: New waredrobe for 08
  17. bmulford

    bmulford Senior member

    Apr 1, 2007
    best coast
    Suits: Bespoke w/ Loro Piana Fabric
    Sports Jackets: Kiton, Zegna, Barbara, Abboud and Random
    Shirts: Bespoke sea-island 2 ply, boss black label
    Trousers: Bespoke w/ Loro Piana, or Valentini
    Overcoats: Abboud
    Ties: Borrelli, Charvet, Bizzochi, Brioni, Altea, Valentino
    Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Martegani, Bruno Magli, Pikilinos
    Pocket Squares: Kent Wang, Some italian guy who hand makes squares, altea
    Denim: PDC, and Lucky
    Socks: Pantherella and Barneys label
    Briefcase: Coach, Jack Georges (Custom hide coming soon)
    Watch: Omega Sea and Speed masters, Poljot, Hamilton
    Belts: Zegna, Ferragamo, Barneys label, Facconable
    Braces: Traflagar

    Almost all of these have been made/purchased in the last year since finding style forum. I donated the last of my "former life" wardrobe, which consisted of nordstrom and jos banks shirts, low end boss suits/jackets, dockers (trying to wipe them from my memory) and kenneth cole shoes.

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