What are you drinking right now?

Discussion in 'Social Life, Food & Drink, Travel' started by VMan, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Agreed, hotel bars aren't really about innovation; the one obvious exception I could think of (Sable in Chicago) has reverted strongly to the mean since IHG bought Kimpton.

    Anyone who could sit at that bar and not realize they are watching something rare and breathtaking is either delusional or not paying attention. I got the feeling of a weekend warrior watching an all-star professional athlete-- that what he was doing is so completely different from what I (or any of the actual pros I know) was capable of that it is qualitatively not even the same activity.

    Your vision is an old-fashioned one, and I totally agree with it.

    I wish that were the war, then maybe people would leave American whiskey alone so Buffalo Trace wouldn't have to allocate everything it makes that isn't called Buffalo Trace (including totally undeserving stuff like Baby Saz.)

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    Yes, my views on cocktails are old fashioned. 100% agree. This is probably in large part due to my limitations on creativity. I think there are very few people pushing really hard at the boundaries of cocktails. I think those people are incredibly important. I also think that without an understanding of the history and evolution of cocktails you can miss a lot intangible things that make cocktails great. I'm not even sure intangibles is the right word.

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