Wedding advice - Already partly bought a wedding attire, but having second thoughts

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by Hawaianhamster, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Jun 24, 2016
    I'm currently 26 and about to attend a friend's wedding mid-July as a guest, whom I this year in graduate school (we're in the same class). I saved some wedding outfit pictures that I found pretty cool and decided to jump on this:


    I bought a cotten-linen blend from Proper Cloth a week ago, and am in the process of buying a Meermin suede double monk (this specifically:

    But then, as I registered onto this site, I came across this article ( saying I should wear a black or blue suit to not draw attention from the couple. Is this outfit too loud? What are your recommendations?

    If by chance it isn't too loud, I google imaged the Rapello suede double monks and is slightly disappointed in the color as it seems to be a darker brown than what the image has shown on Meermin's site. I noticed that there is another suede double monks ( that seems to be a lighter brown - do anybody have an idea if this color is actually lighter? (I couldn't find this on google image). Also, are these colors somewhat of a varying factor - as in, depending on the shoe, it might be slightly lighter or darker.

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    Depending on the setting and tenor of the wedding, that suit could be entirely appropriate. Make further inquiries before coming to a decision. By the way, the article cited recommend navy or charcoal. Black suits are generally held in low esteem by the cognoscenti.

    If you are in fact in Hawaii, my guess is that the suit would be fine, especially for a July wedding. I would suggest a necktie, however.

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