wearing suits in bangkok?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by doopdoop, Jul 24, 2012.

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    is it crazy to wear a suit (or jacket) in bangkok on a regular basis? if not, what suits should i be investing in? i prefer charcoal grey suits, but wool might be a no go? bangkok is near the equator...it's hot here.

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    Well if you're there permanently or for a while, then build a suit wardrobe suitable for the climate.

    A VERY lightweight wool or wool/linen blend would work well. Get a jacket and pants with no lining whatsoever. Make the colors light greys, tans, creams, etc.

    Buy lightweight shirts and don't wear a tie unless you must.

    I know Corneliani has a line of more casual sport coats in almost knitted silk and fina wools that are incredibly fine and breathable. Those may be a good option with linen pants if you don't NEED to wear suits.

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    “Curzon understands the cultural nuances of our ti

    What's your job?

    1) Are you a Thai who's lived in the climate his entire life or an expat?
    2) Will you be going from a/c home to a/c office in a/c auto? Or are you cooled by fans and on public transport?
    3) Do you perspire profusely?
    4) How do you handle a hyper-cooled room?

    If you choose to/must wear a suit get one that's unlined. Keep in mind the monsoon season, too; your shoes will be trashed. My recommendation is to keep a spare change of clothes and footwear at the office. Dress like the locals of your class and adapt to the climate because the climate ain't gonna adapt to you.

    If you are a company employee of managerial level it's typically trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and a tie. Keep a jacket handy. For meetings and functions then it's a suit.
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    It IS crazy to ask a question such as this without stating what trade you are working in or what the requirement of your particular office is.

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    In Thailand dressing well is considered very important, perhaps more than in Western countries.

    If you look at photos of the King of Thailand he looks great wearing formal Western and Thai clothes, He also wears a pocket square in his suits.

    Many important business people wear suits in Thailand.

    Sure it rains in the rainy season but it rains and snows elsewhere so you use commonsense.

    And yes it gets hot especially in Bangkok - so airconditioning can be your friend.

    You will find that if you dress well you will be treated with respect in Thailand.

    As others have advised wear tropical weights and fabrics.

    Have fun.
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