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Watch Buying on eBay.


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Nov 9, 2004
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I'm guessin there are a lot of fake watches on ebay and it where i'm looking right now for my first decent watch. I've heard most watches from south/latin america are fake so i'm avoiding them. But i've heard that singapore has cheap watches and was wondering if they are fake?

Also what should i be looking for in the watch auctions? is there a way you can tell for most watches by have the back case open and being able to see the parts (sorry don't know much about watches). Right now i'm mostly looking at Omega watches but really like a "bigger" watch with the two winder on he side with a leather band.

Any recommendations of sellers?


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Apr 11, 2002
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That's the item i draw the line on for ebay....to be honest, i personally just don't know enough about watches to be 100% SURE that a watch from ebay is authentic. you might check out my favorite discount watch site, tho www.watchclick.com


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Mar 29, 2005
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My advice on using eBay to buy a watch would either be: a) DON'T; or b) Be very, very careful. I would tend to purchase a watch from an established "watch guru" site (also known as a watch idiot-savant, or WIS) site, such a Timezone or Equation of Time, for example. Both sites have their "own" addresses: http://www.timezone.com http://www.equationoftime.com The sites include a forum facility, similar to this one, as well as sales corners. I've now purchased a couple of watches on-line. Prior to purchasing, I used the discussion fora on both Timezone and Equation of Time to get a feel for different types of watches. I also kept an eye on the prices of various watches, so that I could see when a good deal was on offer. I preferred to use such sites when purchasing, instead of eBay, as (like here) there is a greater sense of community. Certainly, eBay has a rating system, but if the people buying from a certain seller are ignorant of what they're getting, the sales rating is not going to indicate quality. However, on dedicated watch sites (again, as here), people know what they're talking about, and are often quick to spot a fake. Plus, there are plenty of other people on the site whom you can ask for advice on different models/brands of watch. In addition to the sales fora on both of the above sites, there are also a wide variety of online shops selling both new and used/vintage watches. Some noteworthy ones include: http://www.collectorstime.com (used/vintage) http://www.coolvintagewatches.com http://www.secondtimearoundwatchco.com http://www.orolus.com (new) http://www.watchbuys.com Chronocentric (http://www.chronocentric.com) is also a good on-line resource, with a discussion board. Whilst the site does not have a sales corner, it is a good place to learn about watches, with a particular focus on Omega models. So, in short, there are better places to go than eBay. Take your time, look around, get a feel for different models and decent prices, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Best of luck in your search for the perfect watch (for you). Cheers, JH


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Jun 22, 2004
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This is a tough one . . .

First, you must start with the understanding that there are fake Rolexes out there that have fooled Rolex dealers, and even come with forged certificates that are perfect. Whenever I think Rolex USA has gone off the deep end, I have to remind myself that they are under constant assault from counterfeiters . . . okay, Rolex USA is still insane, but . . .

I honestly don't think I'd buy a Rolex off of Ebay unless it was being sold by a dealer I knew, and who agreed to an inspection period, or possibly to send it first to a mutually agreed upon third party for verification.

I would relax this policy considerably for other watch brands. I have noticed a rash of phony newer Omegas on Ebay. These are usually pretty easy to spot, as they are either poor copies or copies of nothing Omega has ever produced. The problem is that Omega is making so many variations these days, that it's tough to keep up. Likewise, I haven't seen many good fake vintage Omegas. There isn't enough money to put time into faking a vintage Seamaster, and the Pie-Pan dial is apparently difficult to fake well. Still, they're out there.

I would suggest researching the model you're interested in. Obtain a photo of what the movement SHOULD look like, compare that to the case-off movement shown by the seller. Inspect the dial, sometimes even a novice can get a funny feeling about a watch . . . although make sure you're not just sensing a redial . . . which is perfectly fine unless you're a serious collector (but should be priced accordingly). Don't be afraid to post or e-mail us, or the guys at Timezone and ask them to look at something for you. Granted when you post publicly you run the risk of drawing attention to the watch.

Hope this helps.


Jun 29, 2005
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A few rules for buying anything expensive on eBay when it comes to jewelry or anything of the like.

Do not buy out of country. You have practically no legal say so there.

Us PayPal...use buyer protection they provide.

Check the feedback. Make sure they are either a dealer or a credible seller on eBay.

Also make sure all serial #'s are not scratched off and still on the watch. I bought a nice Movado from watchesonnet.net They have some eBay auctions and have a nice site and offer quick shipping. Overall, they have good prices and a good product. All serial #s are on the watch and come with papers and box.

When it comes to Rolex...only buy from a dealer if your going on eBay.

Last...Good Luck & Becareful.

Ambulance Chaser

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Mar 7, 2002
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I concur with the sound advice in this thread.  You will also want to check with brick-and-mortar authorized dealers.  Omegas are fairly inexpensive and fairly common as far as mechanical watches go, and I think most B&Ms are authorized to give discounts off the retail price.  You may find the extra money well spent for peace of mind.


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Jan 18, 2004
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If you buy on ebay, only buy when you can meet the seller and see the watch.

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