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Washington Mutual- Worst Customer Service Ever!


Distinguished Member
Sep 23, 2006
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My WaMu credit cards billing address was/is of my home in MD. I lost my card about a month ago so I had called them to send me a new one. I had to change my billing address to my NYC address. I received the card in NYC and tried to activate it when the person who was activating it told me that my address was not my NYC address. So I told him my MD address and he said my address had not been changed from MD to NY. Anyways, he activates it. Within a few days of using the card (at cvs and one restaurant for a total of 50 bucks) I receive a call from the fraud department saying that I had changed my address and they need to verify my identity. They ask me my questions about what county I lived in, street addresses etc. Three. Apparently I answered one or more wrong so they had to send me a verification letter to my maryland address and they said it would take 7-10 days. My mail is being forwarded to NYC and it takes about 7-10 days for mail to be forwarded. I never received the letter at my NYC address and my parents never received it in MD. So I called customer service Sunday evening and explained the situation. The person on the phone said this was a problem and he would have someone call me back from another department with 48 hours. Its been 48 hours, so I called customer service again. The lady on the phone was like yes we sent you a letter however sir you need to understand it takes 7-10 days to receive it. So I asked her when the ltter was sent to which she replies the 28th of september. Then I asked her date it was to which she replies the 22nd. I asked what month. To which shes like sir do you not know the date today? So I tell her that I do but I just want to make sure she does because its been almost a month since the letter was sent out and it is no where insight. I also told her that I had called sunday evening and spoke to a guy who seemed like he had no idea what he was doing (he said that he could not see the letter being sent out from their database but if I had not received one he could pass me on to someone who can unblock the card). To this she replies well why dont you just walk to into a Wamu and have them take care of it. I tried that 3 weeks ago. They said they cannot help me with that. They only take payments on credit cards...I told her this but she keeps insisting that its the only option. I ask if I can just send in a utility bill or something to which she says no sir please just go to a WaMu. So ten minutes later I am WaMu (different branch from where I was before) where the people tell me again that they only take payments and I need to talk to customer service over the phone. I find this absolutely ridiculous....

Its really pissing me off. I cant even close the damn account now because they wont let me.


Distinguished Member
May 8, 2007
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I'll just send you mine.

Yesterday I recieved two brand new WaMu credit cards in the mail that I didn't ask for. Perhaps they are reissues from a card I quit using years ago? All I had to do was peel off the sticker, call, and activate. Maybe I'll send them back and ask them for one with Jamie Dimon on it


Fashion Hayzus
Apr 8, 2007
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Idiot. (not wamu)


Senior Member
Aug 12, 2008
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You know with customer service like that they really ought to go bankrupt.

....oh wait

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