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Washing Dress Shirts - Building the best process


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Nov 7, 2008
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I've read through pretty much all of the archived threads on this topic and the scattered opinions / redundant answers do little to helping one build an efficient, lasting routine. While Mr. Kabbaz's outline on how to properly clean a shirt is thorough and I'm sure very effective, it is also far to time consuming for the average person. So I started this thread in the hopes that I can use your guy's experience to help build a routine that will be the most effective and time efficient for the average SF'er, such as myself.

If you only have time to answer a few things, please answer the bolded parts. Thanks

1. Taking off the shirt: After You wear a shirt, do you put anything on it? I've heard people say they have sprayed shout on a shirt. Does this help? Is it okay for this product to remain on a shirt for up to three weeks.

2. Pre-cleaning: How many of you do it? Mr. Kabbaz highly suggests it, but it seems there is more for people who perspire lots? Perhaps better for the summer time? My main question here is how important is it to let it soak overnight? If I could clean the dirty shirts using his method and then put them in the washer immeaditely, this would save plenty of time and hassle. Is there a downside to this?

3. Detergent: What is the best for high quality shirts? Mr. Kabbaz says Tide unscented powder. I've heard Woolite mentioned here lots. There seems to be lots of different types of Woolite. Do you use different kinds for different colors.

4. Setting up the shirts: Some important steps here appear to be taking out the collar stays, turning the shirts inside out and extending the french cuffs. What about mixing and matching & number of shirts per washer? Other than the whites staying by themselves, is there a risk in matching baby blue with dark grey, etc?

5. Washing the shirts: Consensus on here seems to be cold & on the gentlest setting but Mr Kabbaz says:

Hot Water in Summer if Very Soiled
Warm Water the rest of the time
Gentle Cycle

Warm Water if really soiled
Cold water the rest of the time
Gentle Cycle

6. Drying: Some people say you can machine dry, but I think hang drying is probably the safest. Here is another point where I'm very unsure about: How long should I hangdry before I begin ironing? Always let dry on plastic hanger to avoid the risk of wood rubbing off?

7: Ironing: You should begin ironing when the clothes are damp and if they are dry many suggest using a spray bottle to dampen them. Everyone seems to have their own proces and if you click the link, you can read Mr. Kabbaz's which is very thorough.

Mr Kabbaz's link: http://www.customshirt1.com/ASK/laund01.html


Senior Member
Dec 25, 2008
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I wash all my shirts on a 30 degrees (Celcius) cotton program, which is quite gentle. I don't soak them or prepare them in any way before the wash, but I do turn them inside out and take out the collar stays. Usually I don't wash more than two or three shirts at a time. I use detergent for colored clothes (I don't have any white shirts), but I make sure only to use about half as much as what it says on the pack. I also use a fabric softener. When done washing, I hang the shirts on hangers in the bathroom, where the floor is heated, so they dry faster. Then I hang them in the closet and iron them only before use.

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