Waistcoat for a three pieces tuxedo

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    Hi again everyone !
    After some consideration I will be going bespoke for my wedding Tuxedo. My first meeting is to take place tomorrow, and despite my efforts there's still some points, especially about the waiscoat, which I was not able to find some good information about. All I know about my fiancée's dress is it's going to be an A-Line, off-white in a cold tone.
    With this in mind, I have a few questions :

    • Lapels: With a peaked lapels jacket, what lapels should the waiscoat have ? Shawl, peaked, notch or nothing ? Any picture to illustrate the different possibilities ?
    • Back: is there any reason to get it full back ?
    • What about the fabric ?
    • What do you think about a "white tie" waistcoat for this occasion ?

    Thanks a lot. If you think of any usefull information that I might forget, please don't hesitate to share.

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    With a peaked lapel jacket, I would personally recommend no lapels on the waistcoat You can go with all aorts of craziness, but any additional details on the vest will just complicate a very elegant neckline. I might go so far as recommend a horseshoe waistcoat, which leaves most of the shirt visibile.

    Just to take one celebrity who typically looks good in black tie, one Bradley Cooper. Here he is wearing a peaked lapel jacket with a horseshoe waistcoat:


    I've heard (and I do not know this first hand), that a full backed vest results in excess bulk through the back. I can't say, first hand, whether or not this is true. But it's possible.

    Maybe a silk with a tonal paisley? Or the same material? Nothing that "stands out"/

    It's not white tie, so I would not recommend a white tie waistcoat.
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