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    Thought maybe someone people here could help with this.

    My wife and I are trying to plan a trip to Provence this summer.

    We'd like to split the trip between the west side (based in Arles) and the east (based in Nice). We'll fly into Nice, then take a train to Marseilles then to Arles.

    We're somewhat concerned about not having access to a car when we're in Arles. Does anyone have experience with taking day trips on public transportation in the region? We're fine spending some time exploring the larger, train-accessible cities (Aix en Provence, Arles) but would like to spend at least some time wandering in small villages and the lavender fields. Neither of us can drive manual, and we're not interested in learning before hand. We know we could probably get an automatic car from a major city or an airport, but at the same time we know it's never guaranteed, even if you reserve. Regardless, neither of us really want to spend time driving.

    Is it worth it to go?

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    I rented a car with an automatic and drove through the Luberon. Scenery is gorgeous. I think the car is best if you want to visit the small hilltop towns.

    Took the train to Avignon and Arles. Had to train it down to Marseilles to find a car with an automatic.
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    Don't miss Sant Paul de Vence, Les Baux, Les Alpilles in general and being in Marseille a day trip to les Calanques.
    You'll need a car :)

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